18 Former NBA Players Arrested for Scamming Federal Authorities

On Thursday, 18 former NBA players were arrested by federal authorities in an alleged health care scam. The players are being charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and mail fraud. It is believed that the 18 athletes scammed millions of dollars from health care providers through a fraudulent scheme. Federal authorities worked alongside private businesses in uncovering the scheme of hiring personal doctor, friends and family of the players.

The suspects include:

Former New Mexico State University star and NBA player Mel Turpin

NBA All-Star Antoine Walker

NBA legend Tracy McGrady.

McGrady could be in some big trouble as sources say he was caught signing bogus receipts for medical supplies outside a Sam’s Club store in Houston, Texas just days before Christmas in 2007.  The former NBA star allegedly has been seen at least eight times in and around that store since 2005 using his name and birthdate to sign medical supply company invoices before having them sent to Medicaid.  This is considered identity theft and fraud because it is unlawful to use another person’s identifying information without consent to commit fraud or other crime.

McGrady is already in some hot water with the authorities for $643,000 in back taxes.  He is also dealing with a divorce after his wife demanded more than $10 million for her divorce settlement.

Antoine Walker is facing up to 20 years in prison for the charges filed against him. The former NBA star allegedly paid personal doctor, Vernon Maxwell , $240,000 to keep his Medicaid application active while he collected $800,000 through false invoices between 2003 and 2009.

Mel Turpin was allegedly one of the biggest scam artists of them all as he collected over 3 million dollars from false invoices while still collecting NBA checks.

Former Dallas Mavericks guard/forward Marquis Daniels is also involved in the alleged health care scam. It was reported that he worked with Maxwell to send invoices to Medicaid for visits that never occurred. On one occasion, it was alleged that Marquis Daniels allegedly visited a local strip club and only stopped by the doctor’s office before heading home.