A doctor married a hospital cleaner

A doctor married a hospital cleaner

A doctor married a hospital cleaner

With love and affection anything in the world can be conquered. Similarly, love can unite two people despite their many differences; A couple proved it.

A similar incident happened in reality. After passing MBBS, a woman doctor joined a hospital on professional duty. Later he married a cleaner from the same hospital.

This exceptional incident happened in Pakistan’s Punjab province. The unique love story of this exceptional Pakistani couple has already gone viral on the internet. Indian media NDTV reported this information in a report last Thursday (September 8).

According to the report, the woman’s name is Kishwar Sahiba, an MBBS doctor, and her husband and hospital cleaner are Shahzad. They are natives of Dipalpur town in Okara district of Punjab province, Pakistan.

Originally, it was Kishwar who proposed to Shahzad and after the wedding, their unique love story went viral on the internet through a YouTube channel. The Pakistani couple shared their love story on a YouTube channel called ‘Mera Pakistan’.

According to the media, Shahzad used to come to clean the same hospital where Kishwar Sahiba worked as a doctor in Pakistan. He used to give tea and breakfast many times. Doctor Kishwar Sahib liked Shahzad after seeing him there.

At one stage he even proposed marriage to Shahzad. Then one day they got married. Kishwar-Shahzad revealed their love story to YouTuber Harish Bhatti on a YouTube channel in Pakistan. Online users are happy to hear their love story.

While telling their story, husband Shahzad made it clear that this could happen, he could not think! It was Kiswar who gave the first proposal of love. When Shahzad came to the hospital to do cleaning work, Kishwar asked for his mobile number.

  • After that, the conversation between the two continued on WhatsApp. One day Shahzad sent a ‘status message’ on WhatsApp. Seeing that, Kishwar took the decision in a moment. He called Shahzad to his workplace hospital. Then he directly told about love.
  • However, Shahzad was surprised to hear such words suddenly. He had a fever. The fever was treated and naturally by Kiswar. And then the two decided to get married.
  • Why did Shahzad like Kishwar? In reply, this woman doctor said that she did not feel like a ‘tea-wala’ after seeing Shahzad even once. Doctor Kishwar liked the simple man.
  • However, Kishwar’s colleagues could not accept Shahzad as her husband even though Kishwar accepted. Kishwar was forced to leave the hospital because of their abuse. Now he wants to open his own health center in that area. As expected, Shahzad stood by.

However, Kishwar praised Swami Shahzad’s personality even though his colleagues did not agree. The female doctor says that she proposed to Shahzad earlier because she did not want to lose the chance of a great marriage with him. Even Kishwar said that he took all the decisions of his life in just one day.

On the other hand, Shahzad said, he used to clean the office rooms of three doctors and serve tea. One day Kishwar asked for her phone number, and after that they started talking to each other.

Meanwhile, their heartwarming love story on YouTube has delighted internet users. One user wrote, ‘Amazing love story. Nice couple.’