Adam’s Hajj journey on foot

Every year millions of people from different parts of the world travel to the city of Mecca to perform the holy Hajj.

They reached the holy city by riding modern vehicles. But in the meantime, British citizen Adam Muhammad has walked 6500 km on foot.

He started his Hajj journey on foot from Wolverhampton, UK. Adam Mohammed, 52, then traveled to Saudi Arabia via the Netherlands, Germany,

Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

He started his Hajj journey on August 1, 2021. He reached Makkah last June after walking for 10 months and 25 days.

Adam walks about 17.8 km every day.

It is known that Adam Mohammed took a wheelbarrow with him. He used to keep his necessary things in it. He also had a speaker with him.

He used to play Islamic recitations. The aim was to spread the message of peace and equality.

But why did Adam Muhammad decide to walk Hajj in this modern age? His reply, ‘I am not doing this for fame or money.

I want to convey this message to the world that all people are equal regardless of caste, religion, color. We also want to give the message of peace and unity that Islam has taught us.

Adam has already created a page on ‘Go-Fund-Me’. He also shared his pictures and videos on social media during the journey.🔱