Advantages and Disadvantages of Phone SAR Value

Advantages and Disadvantages of Phone SAR Value

Advantages and Disadvantages of Phone SAR Value

Technology has now become an integral part of our daily life. Wherever we live, nowadays we are surrounded by electronic devices. We may not even know how many devices we come in contact with every day. But these electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation. Exposure to large amounts of radiation over a long period of time has many harmful effects.

Knowing how much radiation a device emits is quite important. And in this case a metric called SAR Value is widely used.

What is the phone’s SAR value?

Specific Absorption Rate is abbreviated as SAR Value, which refers to the amount of Radio Frequency (RF) energy absorption rate received by our body from a source. The SAR Value provides an easy way to measure the radio frequency exposure characteristics of wireless devices that follow safety guidelines set forth by the FCC.

As the use of wireless devices and technology is increasing day by day, it is important for everyone to know SAR Value. The purpose of this post is to give you a general and simple understanding of SAR Value. This is not a technical or health related article. We look forward to further updating this post. And currently, the phones available in the market by recognized manufacturers are known to be manufactured in accordance with SAR safety guidelines.

Advantages/Disadvantages of SAR Value

  • SAR Value refers to the amount of electromagnetic frequency energy emitted by a device that is absorbed by our body. Electromagnetic frequencies are mainly used in devices to improve technology. Phones use this radio frequency energy to connect to the network. So if it is not, the phones cannot join the network. If the SAR is excessive, our body may face various types of damage. That is, technology is both a blessing and a curse for us, it can be understood from the discussion about SAR value.
  • The process of checking the SAR Value of any mobile phone is quite simple. If you go to phone dialer or phone app and dial *#07#, you will see more important information besides SAR Value. According to American standards, the SAR value of a mobile phone is limited to a maximum of 1.6 watts per kilogram (when tested using 1 gram of human tissue). On the other hand, according to the European standard, when they test 10 grams of human tissue as a sample, the SAR value is limited to a maximum of 2 watts per kilogram.
  • It follows that the maximum allowed SAR limit would be 1.6 or 2.0 W/kg (depending on US or EU standards). Less than that is better. But now you will get this standard phone in the market. These are the maximum SAR values ​​of the devices. Usually its SAR value is less than the maximum amount during phone operation.

However, it is best to keep mobile phones away from direct contact with your body as much as possible.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Phone SAR Value

For devices that cannot be checked by the mentioned methods, visit the product page of the device manufacturer’s official website to find out the SAR Value of the device. Again you will get SAR Value from About / About Phone section in many phone settings. Besides, by visiting the smartphone listing website,, you can know the SAR value of any phone very easily.

If the SAR value of a device exceeds the safe limit, it is best to avoid using or coming in contact with the device. Currently the prevalence of diseases caused by electromagnetic radiation has increased worldwide. Therefore, any device that emits more radiation than the safety limit should not be used.

But there is no reason to worry about this. You can get the technical information from the official page of FCC (US government site). Because most of the electronic devices are manufactured according to strict rules. So there is no reason to worry about radiation from any of the popular devices used in daily life.