Antitrust Suit to Stop Major Book Publisher Merger in US

The US government has filed an antitrust lawsuit to stop a major book publisher merger. The proposed merger of Penguin Random House and Bertelsmann-owned Random House would have given the combined entity control over 40% of the market share in children’s books, 25% in adult trade paperbacks, and 27% of all fiction titles.

The Post Office is in a financial crisis. Despite the fact that the US Postal Service is operating at an annual loss, Congress has continuously blocked any cost-saving measures to keep it afloat. Postal workers have faced furloughs and other drastic measures as old revenue streams dry up.

China has developed a genetic engineering technique capable of creating a whole range of new plant and animal genotypes quickly and cheaply. Transgenic modification has been around for decades, but the ability to engineer multiple genomes at once drastically reduces the cost and time involved in creating new hybrids and species.

The United Nations is deciding whether to sign onto an agreement drafted by representatives from the US-NATO coalition and Russia that calls for military and logistical cooperation in the Central Asia region. The agreement is partly an attempt to stem the flow of Islamic militants stemming from the region into Syria, Yemen, and Iraq.

After a major shakeup at city hall, Los Angeles has elected its first female mayor, Carmen Valderrama-Martinez. Mayor Martinez campaigned on a platform of accountability in the police force after four years of scandal and accusations of corruption.

Concerns about food safety are growing as another major meat producer has been forced to recall thousands of pounds of beef after positive tests for E. coli. The FDA is trying to find out how the vendors who supply these producers are allowing contaminated product to slip through their safety measures.

Boko Haram has announced its intention to release captured schoolgirls in return for imprisoned members in a video attributed to Abubakar Shekau. The abduction of over 200 girls has caused international condemnation, and Nigeria’s president Goodluck Jonathan is under increasing pressure after his initial response was seen as ineffective.

Good job, you read the news from three different countries! Answer the questions below to find out how much you paid attention. 😛

1) What protest is going on in Los Angeles? a) Protest against new mayor’s campaign b) Protest against police corruption c) Picketing against high food costs

2) What’s the cause of Boko Haram? a) Hunger in northern Nigeria b) US military intervention in Iraq c) White Western colonialism

3) Who is Carmen Valderrama-Martinez? a) Los Angeles Mayor b) New Mexico Governor c) India President

4) How many pounds recall was announced by a major meat producer? a) 2000 b) 10,000 c) 100,000

5) What is China’s new genetic engineering technique called? a) Genome manipulation b) Genome synthesis c) Synthetic genome

6) What UN agreement was drafted? a) The Jerusalem Agreement b) The Baghdad Pact c) The Geneva Accord

7) Who is Abubakar Shekau? a) Boko Haram leader b) US Representative to UN c) PRH head

Answers: 1) Protest against new mayor’s campaign 2) Hunger in northern Nigeria 3) Carmen Valderrama-Martinez 4) 2000 5) Synthetic genome 6) The Baghdad Pact 7 ) Abubakar Shekau (Boko Haram leader )