Argentine winger De Maria will win the age at Juventus

Argentine winger De Maria will win the age at Juventus

Argentine winger De Maria will win the age at Juventus

Argentine superstar Angel Di Maria is currently unemployed. He is now a free agent as his contract with PSG has not expired.

Serie A giants Juventus are currently leading the fight for the clubless footballer.

The 34-year-old star has many doubts about how successful he will be in the new league,

  • but his former team-mate and legendary Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas believes Juventus’ Maria Luka will be as successful as Madrid-Benzema.
  • In football, the age of 30 is usually called the beginning of the end. Borrowing has been declining since this age.
  • It is difficult to keep up with the tight schedule of club football. But there are exceptions.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are running after 35, but Real Madrid’s two experienced fighters Luka Madrich and Karim Benzema are not far behind.

Both have played a huge role in helping Real Madrid win the Champions League and La Liga last season.

Benzema is a potential Ballon d’Or winner last season. Cassius, the legendary goalkeeper of Madrid,

can also see the impression of two footballers who have crossed the quota of 30 in the former midfielder of the Spanish team De Maria.

He thinks the age of his former teammate will not be a barrier to success at Juventus.

Even at the age of 34, De Maria is still in the best rhythm.

The Argentine severed ties with PSG this June after seven successful years.

There is still a demand for it among the big parties in the transfer market.

Apart from Juventus, there are clubs like Barcelona in the fight to get this star in the team at the moment.

Earlier, he joined PSG from Manchester United in 2015 and won 17 titles including 5 league trophies.

He has scored 91 goals in 294 appearances for the French giants.

He has the highest number of assists in the history of PSG with 111 assists.

Juventus could be a potential Argentine club looking for a new club.

The star, who is not sure of his place in the World Cup to be held in November-December, is emphasizing

the performance of the new club to secure a place in the World Cup. So want to find a new club quickly.

Cassius watched player Hesab de Maria up close. Both played together at Real Madrid from 2010-2014.

So this Spanish knows his ability as a player very well. So, he says,

despite crossing the 30-year quota, the Argentine will perform like 33-year-old Benzema and 38-year-old Madrich.

In an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, De Maria praised the goalkeeper, one of the best of all time.

According to him, the impression of age has not yet fallen on his game.

“There is a World Cup in November and it is clear that he is looking for a team where he can play

regularly and prepare himself for the (World Cup) challenge in Qatar in the best possible way,” he said.

Even at the age of 34, he is a great player. In addition to my 44-year-old friend (Gianluigi) Buffon,

there are more examples of players over the age of 30 who are doing very well and playing at their best. All you have to do is think of Benzema and Madrich. ‘

The Italian giants have been suffering since Ronaldo left the team.

In the last two seasons, the team has been knocked out in the race for the league title.

Cassius thinks that if Di Maria can be added to the team, it will strengthen the team.

He said, ‘He is very careful about himself and always takes care of his body. He was never seriously injured.

I think he is in great form. In Europe he has always played at the top level, in big clubs.

Di Maria will take Juventus one step further.

De Maria played a key role in Real Madrid’s coveted 10th Champions League title. After a long decade,

the Champions League title came to Bernabeu. The Argentine was the man of the final in the final of that tournament in 2014.

Originally a winger, coach Carlo Ancelotti started playing in a different position by hugging De Maria, who is good at playing in any attacking position,

but he was also very successful there. Cassius thinks that his ability to adapt will be great for the old people of Turin.

“Juventus bet on a player who knows every roles on the field,” he said. When we won ‘La Desima’,

(Carlo) Ancelotti changed his position in the middle of the season and he played very well there too.

He can play both on the attack and in the middle of the field. He is an intelligent man who understands football well.

(For goal) Angel can take great shots and build the fate of the match alone.🔱