Ashraf Ghani: Ex-Afghan president portrays second he escaped the Taliban

Afghanistan’s previous president has protected his choice to escape the nation as the Taliban shut in recently, saying he did it to forestall the obliteration of Kabul.

The Taliban held onto power in August subsequent to assuming responsibility for the capital.

Ashraf Ghani uncovered that when he woke up on 15 August he had no suspicion it would be his last day in Afghanistan.

It was just when his plane left Kabul that he understood he was going, Mr Ghani said on BBC Radio 4’s Today program.

He was intensely scrutinized and blamed for forsaking the country at that point. He is currently in the United Arab Emirates.

Mr Ghani offered the remarks in discussion with Gen Sir Nick Carter, the UK’s previous Chief of the Defense Staff, who was visitor altering the Today program on Thursday.

As the day began, Mr Ghani reviewed, Taliban warriors had made a deal to avoid entering Kabul yet after two hours, this was not the situation.

Two unique groups of the Taliban were shutting in from two distinct headings, Mr Ghani clarified. Furthermore the chance of a monstrous struggle between them that would obliterate the city of 5,000,000 and carry devastation to individuals was colossal.

He consented to let some of those near him leave Kabul including his significant other, who he said did as such hesitantly. His public safety guide likewise left, and Mr Ghani trusted that a vehicle will take him to the service of protection.

The vehicle won’t ever come. All things considered, the public safety counsel returned, alongside the unnerved head of official security, and told Mr Ghani they would be generally killed” assuming that he stood firm.

He didn’t give me over two minutes, Mr Ghani said. My directions had been to plan for flight for the city of Khost. He let me know that Khost had fallen thus had Jalalabad.

I didn’t have the foggiest idea where we will go. Just when we took off, obviously we were leaving [Afghanistan]. So this truly was abrupt.