Beijing blanketed in snow early this morning, sleet expected overnight.

Beijing has been blanketed in snow early this morning, with sleet expected to continue through the night. Beijing residents were warned of icy conditions on roadways and sidewalks after the first significant snowfall since 2011. This is not unusual for late December, but it’s still a bit unexpected given that November was unusually warm this year.

The snow is expected to minimize around noon today and will mostly affect Beijing’s northern suburbs. The roads in Chaoyang, Haidian, Fengtai and Changping districts were at risk of icy conditions as temperatures dropped below freezing this morning.

Some residents have complained that the city appears unprepared for such weather events, but the Beijing Weather Service says there’s no need to worry. They remind residents that shoveling snow is dangerous (unless absolutely necessary) because it can severely exacerbate heart or lung problems. If you must shovel, make sure to take frequent breaks and try not to over-exert yourself.

For more information, check out our weather forecast or stay updated with Beijing’s official weather service .

Many Beijingites were surprised by the first snowfall of the year and some even joked about it on Weibo. Here are some of our favorite comments:

Finally! I’ve been waiting for this for so long. It’s already Dec 26th?! That means it’s been over a month since my last cigarette! It doesn’t count as snow if it melts by noon. I’m so happy! It finally feels like winter. This is the third happiest day of my life. It’s the first time I’ve seen this much snow in Beijing, but where are all the people?

I’m so excited! I want to sit in this beautiful snow, but it’s slippery and dangerous. What should we do? Just let the kids out for recess? I need a cigarette!

Winter is finally here, we can wear fur coats and drink hot cocoa. We finally got that white Christmas we were waiting for Beijing. I was just changing the water in my potted plants, but now there’s already snow on them. I’m sick of walking on the same old asphalt every day. Our sidewalks are even worse than our roads!

I’m worried about my vegetable garden out back… We had a very strange November this year, last month was abnormally warm and almost no rain fell. If there’s no snow, then don’t shovel it! We know you want to test out your new toy.

I’m sick of this too…the city spent all this money on the Beijing 2022 logo and now they can’t even make sure our roads are safe in winter. All the previous times I’ve seen snow, I was little and I don’t remember it being a big deal. Now that I’m older, I actually want to see it but can’t. My dad said he’s going to buy me a fur coat for Christmas, also the streets here are really bad. There’s always some calamity after every snowfall!

Everything is frozen s omething’s snapped in my brain. I just want to say that it’s great to finally see the first snow of the year, but I’m worried about how cold my dog is going to get.