Captain Jack Sparrow sold at auction

Captain Jack Sparrow sold at auction

Captain Jack Sparrow sold at auction

He is an artist, spreads colors on the screen, sometimes picks up colors as a hobby. This time, Captain Jack Sparrow took the initiative to sell his paintings.

And as expected, the famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp became the owner of 3 million pounds in just a few hours by selling his paintings.

It  known that famous actor Al Pacino and folk legend Bob Dylan have appeared in his paintings. Under the heading

‘The Friends and Heroes’ of Johnny Depp were photos of Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones and Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Johnny Depp says that the people he cares about the most, who are his inspirations, such as family and friends, as well as other famous people whom he admires,

make their way into his paintings. A total of 780 paintings, including portraits of his loved ones,  sold last Thursday. Among these, each framed picture fetched £3,950 and a portfolio sold for £14,950.

Depp’s paintings have  hailed  the Hollywood press as beautiful. Castle Fine Arts even commented that

  • Depp’s picture is ‘the intersection of Pop Art and Street Art’ and ‘a shining example of the combination of Pop Art with emotion.’
  • Meanwhile, Depp’s fans went wild with joy as soon as they saw the post on Instagram. In the caption of the post, Depp simply wrote, ‘Now only on Castle Fine Art’.
  • Immediately, fans were busy logging into the gallery’s website. The gallery had been negotiating with Depp for a long time to display and sell his paintings.

Depp finally agreed to showcase his artwork. The American actor has sold 780 works of art through Castle Fine Art’s 37 galleries. Johnny Depp fans emptied the gallery within hours of announcing the sale on Instagram.

In this context, the famous Pirates of the Caribbean actor said, ‘I always wanted to express my feelings through art. My painting revolves around my life. But I kept it all to myself. In fact, no one should limit themselves.🔱