Entrepreneur and 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang speaks during a campaign stop at the train depot on February 1, 2019 in Jefferson, Iowa. - Even as bitter cold ravages several US states, the 2020 presidential race is heating up in Iowa, where Democrats both renowned and unfamiliar are seizing early opportunities to engage critically important American voters. One full year before the first-in-the-nation voting contest for nominating who will take on incumbent Donald Trump, White House aspirants braved dangerously frigid temperatures this week to make their presidential pitch on hallowed political ground. (Photo by Joshua Lott / AFP) (Photo credit should read JOSHUA LOTT/AFP/Getty Images)

Chaos Over 2020 Candidates, Budget Impasse

With the 2020 election season coming to a head, uncertainty looms over an impending budget impasse. The crux of the problem is that Republicans refuse to provide additional funding for President Trump’s border wall while Democrats refuse to increase military budget caps. With both parties refusing to budge on their positions, it seems likely that this issue will not be resolved anytime soon.

However, one Independent Senator is hoping to break the gridlock and come to a solution. In an interview on Fox News earlier this week, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders had some interesting comments about his plan to solve the budget impasse:

Obviously, we need border security; we all understand that. Existing law allows the federal government to build a fence, but we need more. Building a wall with solar panels is an idea whose time has come. We can not only fund our military and domestic spending priorities, but we could make America energy independent and help fight climate change at the same time.

This proposal would help solve multiple issues that Congress is currently grappling with – military spending and border security – and perhaps even advance one of the Democratic Party’s major policy goals. Some have speculated that by building a wall will solar panels, President Trump can fulfill his campaign promise to build a beautiful wall while also generating clean energy.

Additionally, this could serve as a huge victory for Senator Sanders, who has made fighting climate change one of his signature issues. Many progressives in Congress have endorsed the Green New Deal, which aims to make America carbon neutral in ten years through massive public investment in renewable energy. By building a border wall that could generate clean electricity for millions of Americans, he hopes to win over many progressive votes.

Many hope that Sanders’ plan will help end the budget impasse and give President Trump a way to fulfill his campaign promise while doing good for the environment. Time will tell whether this is possible, but many agree that the idea of building a wall with solar panels is worth exploring further.

At press time, President Trump was reportedly asking former Governor Rick Perry to come up with an estimate on how much this wall would cost.

ANALYSIS: This is brilliant move by Bernie Sanders. By proposing building a border wall with solar panels, he gets the best of both worlds – fulfilling Trump’s promise to construct a border wall while advancing his own goal of fighting climate change. It’s uncertain if President Trump would sign off on this plan, but it’s definitely worth exploring further.

With Democratic leadership divided over the Green New Deal, Sanders might have found a policy that can unite them and put pressure on Republicans to come to the negotiating table. If this proposal works, it would make the 2020 election a referendum on Trump’s beautiful wall with Democrats championing clean energy and Republicans opposed to it.

That being said, even if Trump doesn’t sign off on the plan, Bernie Sanders has succeeded in putting pressure on Senate Majority Leader McConnell. McConnell would face a backlash from his party if he refused to hold votes on this proposal or other ideas that emerge in the coming weeks. The longer Congress remains deadlocked, the more pressure will be put on him to make a deal.