China can hold down Taiwan without conflict!

China can hold down Taiwan without conflict!

China can hold down Taiwan without conflict!

There is no need for a military operation to bring Taiwan under control,

but rather China can isolate the autonomous region from the outside world and put it in a suffocating situation.

Analysts have made such a claim.

China’s military has announced new military exercises in the air and sea around Taiwan’s border. However, a day earlier,

Beijing had completed its biggest exercise so far.

The exercise was held to protest the visit of US House of Representatives

  • Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. – News by CNN and Reuters.
  • The exercise focused heavily on the encirclement of Taiwan by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in six regions.
  • It restricted the entry of civilian ships and aircraft.
  • Because the Chinese military fired fresh bullets and fired missiles during the exercise.
  • China’s Eastern Theater Command said on Monday (August 8) that anti-submarine warfare and maritime attacks are more emphasized in this exercise.
  • Analysts claim that Beijing will continue to put pressure on Taiwan’s defense.
  • China was angered by Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan last week. Several meetings with Washington have also been cancelled.

In response, Taiwan tested its own long-range missiles for the first time

China can hold down Taiwan without conflict!

  • PLA National Defense University professor Meng Xiangqing said that Taiwan’s ports have been verified by China to hold drills in the isolation areas.
  • So that Taiwan’s largest military installations can be easily attacked.
  • In addition, the plan to cut off the aid of foreign powers to Taiwan was also discussed in the exercise.
  • However, China has not yet disclosed the duration and location of the latest exercise.
  • But Beijing has eased restrictions on flight operations at six sites in China’s previous drills around the island.
  • Taiwanese Prime Minister Tsai Ing-wen met with visiting Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Prime
  • Minister Ralph Gonsalves after China announced the new drills.

Despite China’s military pressure, Ralph’s visit has moved him, Tsai Ying-wen said. In an event to welcome Ralph Gonsalves,

Tsai said, Ralph recently told me that even the pressure of Taiwan military exercises will not stop him from visiting Taiwan.

This statement touched the hearts of Taiwanese residents.

Taiwan’s defense minister said that Chinese warships, aircraft and drones have been rehearsing attacks on the island.

Taipei sent ships and aircraft to respond appropriately.

And China’s Ministry of Defense continues to pressure the United States.

China canceled a meeting between the military forces of the two countries in protest of Pelosi’s visit.