Common Household Items With Multiple Uses

When you’re in a pinch and need an item, it’s always great to know that there are ingenious ways to use common household items. Some people may not be aware that these items can be used for more than what they seem when purchasing them at the store. Check out this blog post for 10 ingeniously creative ways to use ordinary everyday household items!

1. Use a fork as a nail cleaner to prevent nails and screws from getting stuck

This is useful for when you’re putting up drywall, hanging pictures, or anything similar. Sometimes, nails and screws can get caught in the grooves of the wall and be difficult to remove without ripping the wall down entirely. To avoid this, use a fork to pry and scoop the nails and screws out of the wall.

2. Use toothpaste to remove small scratches on your car’s windshield

If you have a small scratch or nick in your car’s windshield, don’t worry! Toothpaste is here to save the day! Apply some toothpaste onto an abrasive sponge and scrub the car’s windshield. This will get rid of any small scratches that appear to be cloudy or foggy.

3. Use a rubber band to keep game pieces in place while playing board games

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep game pieces in their correct spots during long periods of time, use a rubber band! Tie a small piece of string to the corner and tie the other end around a rubber band. Place the rubber band around all game pieces to keep them in their correct spots for as long as you need it to be there.

4. Use a jar opener on stubborn jars that won’t open

For those people who have problems opening jars, this tip is for you. If your jar won’t open no matter how hard you try, wrap a rubber band around the lid of the jar and use it to twist off the lid! It may take some time, but works like a charm if done right.

5. Use clothespins to place bags in your cabinets

Do you have an issue with bags getting folded over when you shove them in your cabinet? Use clothespins to hold the top of the bag up and keep it from folding. This way, everything will stay organized and exactly where you want it.

6. Use a screwdriver as a nail catcher for small nails and screws If you’re trying to do some home repairs or simple DIY jobs, use a screwdriver for catching nails and screws! If you have metal cabinets in your kitchen, it can be difficult to catch the small nails when hammering them. To avoid losing them, just use a screwdriver as a catcher for all of those tiny pieces of metal that fly everywhere!

7. Use a binder clip to wrap up your headphones and keep them from getting tangled This one is for all of the music lovers out there! If you’re the type of person who can’t go anywhere without your headphones, this tip is especially useful for keeping them from getting tangled up in your purse or pocket. Use a binder clip to secure your headphones around your case or bag and they will stay nice and neat all day long!

8. Use a shower cap on your pillow to avoid getting makeup stains on itDo you like sleeping with your makeup on? Make sure that you don’t ruin all of those lovely pillows by using a shower cap! This will help to block all of the makeup that might be transferred onto your pillow. Just place it over your pillow and you’re ready to get some sleep!

9. Use rubber bands to keep your gloves together when taking them offThis is especially useful for people who like to wear gloves when driving. If you have a lot of gloves or mittens, this is definitely the best way to keep them from getting tangled up with one another! Always have a rubber band on hand so that you can always put your gloves back together.