Dhaka’s air ‘exceptionally unfortunate’ today

Dhaka’s air quality upheld to the ‘extremely unfortunate’ zone on Thursday morning, UNB reports.

With an air quality record (AQI) score of 201 at 8:20 am, the city positioned second in the rundown of world urban communities with the most terrible air quality.

An AQI somewhere in the range of 201 and 300 is supposed to be ‘extremely undesirable’, while a perusing of 301 to 400 is considered ‘dangerous’, presenting serious wellbeing dangers to occupants.

Ghana’s Accra involved the main spot with an AQI of 202 and India’s Delhi and Mumbai positioned the third and fourth position separately.

In the interim, an AQI somewhere in the range of 101 and 150 is considered ‘undesirable’, especially for delicate gatherings.

In Bangladesh, the AQI depends on five rules toxins — Particulate Matter (PM10 and PM2.5), NO2, CO, SO2 and Ozone.

Dhaka has for some time been wrestling with air contamination issues. Its air quality normally turns unfortunate in winter and improves during the storm.

According to the World Wellbeing Association (WHO), air contamination kills an expected 7,000,000 individuals overall consistently, to a great extent because of expanded mortality from stroke, coronary illness, persistent obstructive pneumonic sickness, cellular breakdown in the lungs and intense respiratory diseases.