Different Strategies for Coping with Insomnia

How to Cope With Insomnia:

How to Cope With Insomnia – Losing sleep is a common experience among many people. You look at the clock and you see that it’s two a.m., three a.m., four…you can’t believe your eyes but its true, you have been lying in bed, tossing and turning for hours! At this point you still think you can fall asleep if only things were different: if your mind was calm, if the position of your body was just right or maybe there was no noise around. Unfortunately these thoughts will keep going through your head as you try to relax yourself back into slumber land. Since you’re already up at this hour thought I suggest you make the best out of it.

Do Something to Take Your Mind Off It Gosh, I know it’s hard to be productive when you are in bed already but if you are up there’s no reason why not to get some things done. Doing something will take your mind off your inability to sleep and very soon you will realize that it was just a matter of time before you doze off back into dreamland. You might want to read quietly or crochet or catch up on some work online. Or if there is one project that has been eluding you for months now, this would be the perfect opportunity to finally get started! So get yourself busy until all your energy runs out and you can’t keep your eyes open anymore even if you try.

Powerful Tips to Get a Good Night Sleep & Finally Overcome Insomnia!

Make Yourself Uncomfortable There is a theory that claims people fall asleep when they are too comfortable, especially after having spent some time in bed already. If you are tired the last thing you want to do is get up but your mind will be more at ease if you give it good reason not to sleep. So go ahead and sit on top of your comfy bed – wear shoes or put socks on, have a glass of water nearby, have the alarm clock within your reach so there’s no way for you to forget about it or even turn it off completely so that the loudness has to wake you up instead of just vibrating underneath your pillow.

Do Not Look At The Clock Again! This could be considered as part of making yourself uncomfortable, but if you are looking at the clock every five minutes it’s not going to make you tired. It may actually make it more frustrating because especially when it’s four a.m. and you’ve been up for four hours already, the numbers are still stuck at saying 4:00! The ticking sound of clock hands moving will always be heard by sensitive ears so don’t look at that clock anymore – just leave the damn thing alone even if it’s your only way to measure how much time is left before dawn breaks in.

Get Up & Dance If there is one thing I love about being hyperactive, it would definitely have to be my energy level no matter what hour of the day or night it is.