Doctors warned of dangerous dry excavation training

Doctors are being warned about a dangerous new fitness trend called dry scooping. This fitness craze involves using an empty plastic bottle or can as weight to do squats, lunges, and other bodyweight exercises. The dry scooping workout is actually more difficult than it seems, because the lack of weight means that these movements require more strength and stamina. However, there are some serious safety concerns with this type of exercise namely that if you drop your container while doing these exercises then your hands will be too far away from your face to protect yourself in case something goes wrong.

The following text should not be ignored by doctors

Dry Scooping has been identified as a potentially harmful practice for those who perform it for extended periods of time or use it as a sole form of exercise.

Doctors are currently defining dry scooping as the practice of performing bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges, and dips using an empty plastic bottle or can instead of a weighted barbell or dumbell. While these movements can be practiced using a traditional weightlifting device, there are safety risks involved in dropping your weight on the ground.

There are many possible injuries that can occur during dry scooping, but the most common one experienced by patients is cuts to the hands and forearms. If you drop a large plastic bottle or can while doing squats, lunges, or dips then your hands may be too far away from your face to protect yourself. Dropping the weight on the ground produces a loud noise and is very startling, which can cause you to flinch and hurt yourself.

Doctors recommend that if you want to do squats or lunges then get a weighted barbell or dumbell that closely matches your bodyweight. The barbell will not hit the ground if you drop it, and dumbells are designed to be picked up off the ground.

Additionally, doctors suggest that instead of dry scooping then consider other alternatives to traditional weightlifting such as at home medicine ball workouts . Physicians say that medicine balls are much lighter than standard free weights which can make exercises like squats and lunges difficult to perform safely. However, the advantage of medicine balls is that they can easily be brought with you on a walk or jog and used as a workout tool at the park.

Doctors do not recommend skipping traditional weightlifting altogether because it can lead to important benefits for your body such as increased muscle mass and better bone density . You can still get all of these benefits without putting yourself in harm’s way by using an appropriately weighted barbell or dumbell.

As early adopters of dry scooping exercise trends, your patients are eager for your advice on how to keep themselves safe while having fun with this new fitness tool! It is important that you let them know the dangers involved with dropping plastic bottles or cans if they are to be used as weights.

If you want to let your patients know directly then please feel free to copy and paste this article and send it to them. It is important that everyone knows the risks of dry scooping so at home workouts can become safer for people everywhere!