Dominic Raab cautions Putin there will be ‘intense results’ on the off chance that Russia attacks Ukraine


Authorities are supposed to consider sending troops from 16 Air Assault Brigade, the unit that helped with the salvage mission in Kabul last year, to mount a clearing of UK nationals.

Safeguard sources say troops would travel to Ukraine in RAF transports and help take out expats, The Mirror reports.

A guard source said: ‘Assuming Russia attacks, the circumstance will break down quickly.

  • English nationals will require help to get away. In a perfect world, this will occur before an attack yet we should be ready for anything.’
  • Dominic Raab has cautioned Russian President Vladimir Putin there will be ‘intense serious results’ and financial authorizations assuming Russia attacks Ukraine or set up a supportive of Kremlin pioneer after MI6 uncovered a plot to introduce a manikin Government.
  • The Deputy Prime Minister said there would be a ‘strong and purposeful’ reaction after British insight found Ukrainian legislator Yevhen Murayev, who has recently safeguarded Russia’s extension of Crimea, was being arranged to run the country as a satellite of Moscow.

Mr Murayev said he was ‘entertained’ by the disclosures, unveiled by Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, prior to excusing them as ‘idiocy’.

However, Mr Raab today cautioned Mr Putin of ‘genuine results’ assuming Russia attacks Ukraine as troops keep on gathering on the line.

Showing up on Sky News, he said: ‘We are standing side by side [with European nations, Nato and the US, saying there will be intense outcomes on the off chance that Russia takes this transition to attempt to attack and furthermore introduce a manikin system.

We wouldn’t transmit every one of the actions we would take, however it is vital that this exceptionally clear message, from the UK as well as from all Nato and other intrigued nations all over the planet who need to maintain law and order, that there will be intense, serious monetary outcomes.