Father of High country Park shooting suspect accused

Father of High country Park shooting suspect accused

Father of High country Park shooting suspect accused of foolish direct

Examiners in Illinois reported crime allegations Friday against the dad of the man blamed for killing seven individuals and harming more than 40 during a Fourth of July march in Good country Park.

Robert Crimo Jr. was accused of seven counts of careless lead, said Eric Rinehart (D), Lake Province’s state lawyer, who blamed him for taking an “outlandish gamble” in marking his child’s firearm possession application in 2019. Since Robert E. Crimo III was more youthful than 21 at that point, state regulation expected him to have parental assent.

“Guardians and gatekeepers are in the best situation to conclude whether their youngsters ought to have a weapon,” Rinehart said.

They are the main line of protection.

Father of High country Park shooting suspect accused

The senior Crimo handed himself over and has to deal with upwards of three years in prison. His bond hearing is booked for Saturday.

In July, an excellent jury prosecuted his child with 117 crime counts, including first-degree murder. The more youthful Crimo faces a lifelong incarceration in jail.

The issue of charging parents criminally in instances of mass killings is likely to be contentious, and an attorney said the family will fight the charges.

Illinois State Police in July said the younger Crimo had at least two encounters with law enforcement months before he applied for a gun permit. In April 2019, he had attempted suicide, and that September police seized 16 knives, a dagger and a sword from his home after a family member informed them he had threatened to “kill everyone.”

Chairs and bicycles lie abandoned after people fled the scene of a mass shooting at a Fourth of July celebration and parade in Highland Park, Ill.
George M. Gomez, an attorney for the elder Crimo, said in a statement to the Associated Press that the charges were “baseless and unprecedented.”

“This decision should alarm every single parent in the United States of America who according to the Lake County State’s Attorney knows exactly what is going on with their 19 year old adult children and can be held criminally liable for actions taken nearly three years later,” the statement said. “These charges are absurd and we will fight them every step of the way.