France and other European countries seem to be fishing for a test of Britain’s credibility.

France and other European countries seem to be fishing for a test of Britain’s credibility. French president Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday that Britain will not be able to take back its sovereignty, independence or territorial integrity after Brexit. The EU has also warned that the UK cannot expect advantages in the negotiations if it is no longer an EU member state. This comes as French fishermen are protesting against British waters by blocking ports and holding demonstrations across France.

If you leave, there’s no way back. Britain just lost the benefits of EU membership, it can no longer be in the single market and customs union.

Twitter This infighting is exactly what the EU wants to achieve. The British don’t have enough fatigue left to deal with so many other problems at once.

In return, Boris Johnson has accused Macron of defending his fishing industry from foreign interests. According to the former mayor of London, the French government wants a hard border in Ireland to make sure their farmers will not have access to British markets.


Theresa May admitted at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday that negotiations with the EU could be extremely complex and said that the government will need to prepare for all possible scenarios. The British prime minister has recently been asked to provide 60 billion Euros from tax revenues to Brussels.

In the meantime, the EU Commission is ready to start preparations for a no-deal Brexit. After Merkel’s party reached a coalition with Social Democrats in Germany, it will probably be easier to find a compromise, as the CSU is led by a rival of Merkel.

After all, there won’t be a hard Brexit if no one wants it. But Johnson has enough political power to prevent May from reaching a deal with EU leaders and at this point, he’s only interested in his own career.

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