France Outraged by U.S.-Australia Nuclear Submarine Deal

France is outraged by the United States’ agreement to sell nuclear submarines to Australia, which marks a significant departure from their traditional military alliance. The U.S. Navy has been stationed in Norfolk, Virginia since World War II and France’s naval base in Toulon has served as an offshore NATO command center for many years.

The deal with Australia will be the first time that the U.S. sells any type of submarine to another country without receiving permission from France – a violation of one of their most sacred agreements ΜΆ but it appears that this does not bother President Trump or his administration at all, nor do they seem worried about what this might mean for America’s allies around the world who are now questioning whether or not the U.S. intends to honor its treaty commitments .

Here in France, we are getting a very bad feeling about President Trump and his foreign policy team. This is not the America that we’ve been used to working with for decades and it’s going to take a long time before relations return back to normal. In the meantime, diplomats from the U.S. Embassy in Paris have been called into the Foreign Ministry for an explanation about this change in policy, which many of France’s allies will be watching very closely during the next few weeks and months.

We can only hope that President Trump has a “Plan B” up his sleeve before he completely isolates America from all of its traditional allies.

Such a scenario is not beyond the realm of possibility, given that he has hinted at this type of policy direction during his campaign for president. Now that he’s in office, President Trump might be tempted to use this “unpopular” approach as a way to distract America from its many domestic problems…

We will have to wait and see what happens, but France and other NATO members will not sit idly by while President Trump tries to tear up over 70 years of foreign policy.

On the list of things that we hope won’t happen: A nuclear war with North Korea and/or Russia and/or China would definitely be on top of the list!

Nuclear submarines were sold to Australia by the United States, not leased. France did not complain or express outrage at this agreement. France and other NATO members will wait and see what happens, because so far there has been no correlation between what Donald Trump says and actual policy change. There is no evidence that President Trump’s foreign policy team even knows that France and the rest of NATO has a treaty agreement to consult each other before any action is taken on nuclear weapons. There is no indication that President Trump’s foreign policy team knows what “tear up” means. The first sentence, which was not written by a French person, falls under the category of fear-mongering and propaganda during a time of heightened tensions between nuclear superpowers. It is unclear why the other sentences were included in the article, other than to add a few extra words and fluff it up a bit.

The name “France” is thrown around a lot without actually saying anything about France or its interests. The writer knows that this news outlet already has an audience of people who are afraid of immigrants, suspicious of France, and think that Trump is doing a great job.

The author is just another voice in the crowd calling for “the Resistance”. Although there are many voices already calling for it, using the word “we” helps to create an illusion that this person isn’t alone in believing that their country’s closest ally is an enemy.

The original title of this article was “Trump is isolating America from its traditional allies” but it has since been changed to “Trump makes moves that isolate America from its traditional allies”. The change may have happened because the author realized that there were no moves made by Trump yet, they were just talking about what might happen, and then they found a way to make those words into a headline that would be clicked. This is called being opportunistic about an audience that wants to read a certain thing, even if it isn’t true. The author knows what kind of headlines will be big with their audience so they give them what they want without actually providing any