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Gigi and Yolanda’s Strained Friendship: Criminal Charges

Gigi and Yolanda, two of the five members of the infamous Real Housewives cast, have had a strained friendship for some time now. The latest blow to their relationship was an arrest in April that led to Gigi being charged with assault and battery against her co-star. While this event has been covered by tabloids since it happened, it is only recently that we are seeing how the incident has affected them both politically.

The incident took place April 10, 2014 and immediately made national headlines. Gigi was arrested and charged with assault and battery against her co-star Yolanda. According to the police report, the two women were on their way to film a scene for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when they pulled over to discuss something from one of Yolanda’s businesses. Things became heated and eventually, at some point during the argument, Gigi grabbed Yolanda by the wrist and scratched her forearm.

This was not a minor injury as Yolanda showed up to the scene of the crime with visible fingernail marks on her right arm. Yet after everything, it was determined that Gigi was well within her rights to defend herself. The Real Housewives franchise has never shied away from getting physical with its cast members, even though they are all women. This is the first time however, where one of the stars actually landed in jail because of it.

Since this incident, both parties have been seen in public and both women have opened up about the events that transpired.

Gigi recently sat down with OK! Magazine for an exclusive interview where she talked again about the night she was arrested, “It hadn’t been a good day,” Gigi began.

She then went on to explain how Yolanda had been acting very strange throughout the day and it was beginning to affect the other cast members. She says she felt like Yolanda wasn’t there mentally while everyone else was, I’m upset because I knew that something hadn’t been right and we hadn’t talked about what had happened,Gigi recalls.

When asked if this was a regular occurrence on set, Gigi says it isn’t. The producers on set were starting to become concerned about Yolanda’s behavior as she was being very negative towards the people around her, She wasn’t being herself so the producers started asking me if it had happened before.

Gigi made sure to point out that this is not common for Yolanda, I knew that it had never happened before. That is why I was so shocked when she just snapped like that.

Despite this being their first physical altercation, Gigi admits it definitely will not be the last time they have a disagreement, No matter what happens we are bound to disagree sometimes and I think it’s important that we’re able to argue respectfully.

Gigi also took some time to clear the air about other rumors that have been making their way around, We never fought over men. I actually thought she was dating my ex-boyfriend Ken so when she showed up with her date at this romantic dinner it was kind of awkward, Gigi said.

Despite the awkward situation and the arrest, she still considers Yolanda a friend and wishes her well in all her future endeavors, I will continue to support her as a friend and hope that she is ok.