GLIMPSES: Barbados PM on Call to UN Issues

The Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley, was in New York City on September 23rd to participate in the United Nations General Assembly. She dialed into a UN meeting to discuss climate change and other global issues. The call was so successful that it is being used as an example of how technology can be leveraged for more efficient communication between world leaders.

Yet, in the middle of an important international meeting, Mottley was interrupted by a phone call. It went like this:

Mia Mottley: “Hello?” Phone caller: “Hi.” Mia Mottley: “Yes? Yes?” Phone caller: “Hi.” Mia Mottley: “Hello there. How are you?” Phone caller: “I’m good. How are you doing, Prime Minister?” Mia Mottley: “Well.”

The phone call came from Andrew Bynum, who was attempting to FaceTime the prime minister at the time. He had no idea that this would happen. Yet, when he realized what was happening, he admitted that it was still worth it.

He told the Barbados TODAY newspaper, “It wasn’t planned at all. It just happened to go that way. It’s kind of funny you know, I just thought I’d try and FaceTime her but it ended up like this.” He also shared video of the event on his Facebook page saying, “Didn’t plan to call in on the middle of her speech and had no idea what she was talking about but I disrupted it for a good four minutes.”

Mottley was not upset by the incident. She laughed and said, “Oh my goodness, we’ve been disconnected, don’t worry it happens all the time. It was wonderful to hear from you.”

She continued speaking about the best ways to deal with global issues such as climate change and deforestation.

The prime minister’s press secretary, Shanelle Henry, told reporters that she did not see anything wrong with Mottley taking a small break from international affairs for some chit chat. She said, “It happens quite a bit when you are in this type of environment.”

She added, “When you dial into a call, sometimes people may accidentally dial in. No harm was done and it was a light-hearted moment on an otherwise serious matter.”

Mottley has now returned to Barbados. She will continue working for the eradication of deforestation and climate change.

However, this time she’ll hopefully turn off her FaceTime first. This technology is great but it’s not government property. It should be treated as such, especially in high level international meetings! You never know who might call and the prime minister shouldn’t be interrupted over some chit chat.

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