Honduras versus Mexico, today: Schedule and where to watch the Concacaf Qualifying match on TV making a beeline for Qatar 2022

The mixes that Mexico needs to guarantee an immediate pass to the World Cup
It came the critical point in time. The Mexican soccer group is prepared to acquire its pass to the World Cup in Qatar in its match against Honduras in the penultimate round of the eighth last of Concacaf.

Mexico, third spot in this characterization with 22 units, will confront Honduras, a group that is done battling to acquire its pass to the following World Cup as it is the last spot in the bind with four units because of four draws, or at least, the catrachos have not had the option to get triumphs making a beeline for Qatar 2022.

What is it that Mexico need to fit the bill for the 2022 Qatar World Cup?
In the event that Mexico wins it would be in the following World Cup.

What occurs on the off chance that Mexico doesn’t win or loses to Honduras?
Assuming the Mexican group draws, they would need to sit tight for results (and doubtlessly they won’t qualify). Also, in the event that he loses substantially less, so he would need to go to the last day looking for his ticket.

Foundation and most recent consequences of Mexico versus Honduras in Qualifiers
Honduras 3-2 Mexico
Mexico 3-0 Honduras
Mexico 0-0 Honduras
Honduras 0-2 Mexico
Mexico 1-2 Honduras
Mexico versus Honduras: Prediction for the Concacaf Qualifying match
Because of the situation in the table and notwithstanding the region, Mexico is a number one to beat Honduras or, at any rate, tie the game in Catracho domain.

Mexico plausible line-ups
Ochoa (P) (c); Sanchez, Montes, Vasquez, Gallardo; Alvarez, Rodriguez, Herrera, Tecatito, Chucky and Jimenez

Plausible Honduras setups
Aurelio Lopez; Marcelo Pereira, Marcelo Santos, Omar Maldonado, Wesly Decas; Cristian Sacaza, Kevin Arriaga, Juan Delgado, Bryan Acosta, Kevin López; Rommel Quito.

Wagers for Honduras versus Mexico: who is the #1 and what amount do they pay?
Mexico is #1 by 1.40, the tie gives 4.75, while a triumph for Honduras is the most significant (7.50).