Honolulu’s Haiku Stairs to be Removed

The Haiku Stairs have been a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the stairs, they were constructed in 1939 as a way to get down the steep slope from Kahana Valley to Laie. The stairs became famous when author James Michener mentioned them in his novel “Hawaii.” In recent years, however, the steps have fallen into disrepair due to frequent vandalism and extreme weather conditions. Recently it has been decided that the best course of action is to remove them entirely rather than try and restore them.

The removal of these iconic steps will surely leave some people disappointed but others might be happy knowing that this can help reduce damage done by vandals or erosion from the rain. In the end, it is a win for people who believe that these stairs do no longer have any place in this day and age. While many will mourn the loss of a landmark, others might be relieved knowing that their safety is finally being taken seriously!

The removal of the Haiku Stairs will no doubt be an inconvenience to those who trekked up and down them every day. However, the safety implications must be taken into consideration first and foremost. In the end, it will be a bittersweet moment for all parties involved.

New asphalt is being laid down on Kalanianaole Highway in the Honolulu Region beginning at Queen’s Beach and going past Koko Head to Hanauma Bay. The changes are meant to provide an aesthetic improvement but many residents fear that the new surface could be a trap for tourists and cause more accidents.

If you’re going to be around Kahala or Hawaii Kai anytime soon, be sure to look out for workers replacing the road! We hope that the new surface means an even safer drive for everyone on Oahu.

People have been talking about it for years but now it looks like the Honolulu Zoo is finally going to be expanded. The new zoo will not only house the zoo’s current animals but they are planning on creating a native Hawaiian exhibit as well.

The Honolulu Zoo has huge plans for the future and this expansion is just the first step toward making it one of Hawaii’s biggest tourist attractions. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us!

The Honolulu Zoo has changed the entry fee to reflect the popularity of certain exhibits. After updating their website yesterday, it now costs $22 for adults and $11 for children to get into the zoo during normal operating hours.

This news comes months after the zoo raised their parking fees to $5 in order to combat the effects of the city’s budget crisis. The increase will go toward covering costs that can’t be raised through donations, such as feeding and housing animals.

The Honolulu Zoo is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike and we’re glad to see them adjusting their prices to match.

The Honolulu Zoo has announced that it will be raising the price of admission by $5 in order to combat cost increases. Visitors who want to get into the zoo after 3 p.m. will also have to pay the same amount of money which is an increase from its previous closing time of 6 p.m.

The new prices will go into effect on May 1 of this year and a price increase for parking is said to be coming soon as well. We hope that the additional money will allow the zoo to better care for its animals!

We have received word from Honolulu Zoo officials that they have raised their admission fee by $5! The new entry fee will be $22 for adults and $11 for children.

The Honolulu Zoo has been a popular tourist destination since it opened in 1927 and we hope that the price increase will allow them to take better care of their animals.

The Honolulu Zoo is a staple among zoos across the country but how well do you really know this visitor favorite? We’ve rounded up five facts that you probably never knew about this Honolulu attraction!

Number Five: The zoo was originally called the Honolulu Zoological Park. It wasn’t until later in the year when they officially changed their name to the Honolulu Zoo.