Ian Anderson Yanked Five Innings Into His No-Hitter

Ian Anderson’s no-hitter came to an abrupt end on Tuesday night after the Braves’ starter was pulled in the fifth inning. Ian had thrown 70 pitches and held a perfect game, but manager Brian Snitker decided to take him out of the game because he could not sustain his pitch count for much longer.

I think he was at 73 pitches or something, Snitker said after the game. We were just going to put him in a pinch-hitting situation and then he started warming up some guys.

In fact, according to Braves’ GM John Hart, Anderson still had more left in the tank. In an interview with the Braves’ flagship radio station, he said that Ian was at 80 pitches when he was pulled.

I never would have taken him out, John Hart told the radio show hosts. The game might not be tied right now if I had let him go.

Even though Anderson missed his perfect game, he still pitched well enough to earn a quality start. He lasted five innings and struck out nine batters, walking only one batter.

The Braves have been doing well of late, so Brian Snitker’s decision was more of a change in protocol than anything else. Usually the manager of the Braves does not pull a starter with a no-hitter intact or even a shutout in the fifth inning.

We were killing it, Snitker said about his team’s pitching. We’ve got a nice little lead.

The Braves will pay Ian Anderson $41 million over six years starting this season, which is considered to be an average of $6.5 million annually. This is a $4 million raise from his previous contract and an impressive hike in salary given that he has yet to pitch a full season with the Braves. Given that the contract rises over time, it could end up being worth as much as $80 million by 2022.

Hart also noted that the Braves may have had another motive for offering Anderson this new contract. He thought it might be a way to appease the fans, saying that they are a little restless with the team’s performance this year, despite their success in previous years.

Even though Anderson may have been pulled prematurely from the game against the Diamondbacks, he will still get his salary for this start. The Braves expect him to pick up his no-hitter again tomorrow.

The Braves’ next game is against the Astros at home, where Ian Anderson will line up as the starting pitcher. The game starts at 7:35 PM EST on Friday night and can be watched online through free live stream.

Ian Anderson’s no-hitter came to an end after the starter was pulled in the fifth inning on Tuesday night. He held a perfect game until then, but manager Brian Snitker decided it was time to take him out of the game so he wouldn’t get too tired to pitch tomorrow. Anderson’s contract rose by $4 million after his performance last year. The Braves will pay him $41m over six years. The next game is against the Astros on Friday, starting at 7:35 PM EST. You can watch the game through free live stream by clicking here.