Ibra is staying in Milan even though his salary

Ibra is staying in Milan even though his salary

Ibra is staying in Milan even though his salary has been reduced

While joining AC Milan in the second round, Zlatan Ibrahimovic said that he wants to retire only after Milan wins the league. In the first season, there was no hope, then last season Milan got a golden deer. After that, however, he did not say goodbye to football. Instead, he extended his contract with Milan for another year, and his salary was reduced by Tk 42 crore.

He is fighting to recover from his knee injury. The 40-year-old striker was looking at the end of his career when he suffered a six-month-long injury. That didn’t happen, Ibra signed a new contract. Milan will not get him for six months. That’s why his salary is going down by two thirds.

His salary has not been officially announced yet. However, according to the Italian media, the 40-year-old striker has left the demand for a huge salary with the Syrian champions.

According to Dello Sport in the Italian news media Courier, Ibrahimovic’s salary is being reduced from ৭ 80 million or Rs. 75 crore to আ 2.5 crore or Rs. 23 crore. However, the reduction in salary for Milan is not the first sign of Ibrahimovic’s dedication to the club.

He played in all the important matches of the team last season with knee pain. That knee has been operated on this time, which will take a long time to recover.

The Swedish striker joined the club in 2019 and played in 84 matches. This time he has scored 36 goals. He was also instrumental in the team winning the Serie A after 11 years.