Kabul Hospital Blasts 20 Dead

More than 20 people were killed and dozens more wounded after multiple explosions rocked a hospital in central Kabul on Wednesday night, officials said. Among those killed was Abdul Qadir, the chief of the city’s prisons system.

Qadir had been attending a high-level meeting at the hospital before he was killed by one of two suicide bombers who struck as survivors fled from the emergency room. The attack came as Taliban militants have stepped up their assaults across much of Afghanistan this year.

The interior ministry said three blasts hit the Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan Hospital: an initial suicide bomber detonating a car bomb at the gates, followed by two suicide bombers in the hospital. The ministry said one of them detonated his explosive vest in the emergency room.

Despite significant improvement across Afghanistan since the departure of most NATO troops in 2014, officials have said that this year is becoming increasingly violent, with many areas now under Taliban control.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s attack, saying it had killed “dozens” of doctors and high-ranking government officials. Elsewhere in Kabul on Wednesday night, a second explosion was reported near an education department compound; it was not clear whether there were any casualties there.

The Taliban are getting more violent as they face increasing opposition to their presence in Afghanistan since most NATO troops withdrew from the country in 2014. Last year saw a record number of civilians killed and wounded by them with one third being killed by 2016 alone making it look increasingly difficult for anyone to bring a peaceful solution to this conflict until both sides come to a cease-fire agreement if at all possible which is looking less and less likely any day now.

Perhaps this attack might have been avoided with better security or even just better leadership from those involved but that is no guarantee either although it is usually more on the ‘security’ side of things. Another part of the problem is just keeping everyone alive after this kind of attack begins until security comes to rescue them which might also be easier said than done depending on how it would have been set up in the first place, but that’s just speculation at this point without being able to see into their minds or anything.

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Do you know what I love most about Fridays? It’s saying goodbye to everything bad from this week while simultaneously getting ready for all the good new stuff coming over the weekend. Aaaaand I get a day off tomorrow because of Veteran’s Day! Talk about making it even better.

“I’m so glad I’m not in the military anymore,” I’ve thought to myself on countless occasions. “Now, if only they would stop sending me those damn Veteran’s Day offers!”

The “damn Veteran’s Day offers” as you call them are usually from businesses that have some element of support for veterans or active-duty servicemembers and their families whether it is discounts, donations or anything else. Personally, I don’t mind these offers because a.) I wholeheartedly support supporting our men and women overseas with things like discounts at certain places just as a thank you for everything they do without fail, b.) They’re usually also extended to family members which makes it easier for to find more places we can go to and c.) I can usually find a handful of places that also have sales going on because of this.

In other words, it works out really well for us because we get support from companies while at the same time getting even better deals from other companies all at once – regardless of which holidays are coming up! How awesome is that?!

Anyway, regardless of how you feel about Veteran’s Day offers or anything else sometimes businesses might slip up and miss something important about these offers. For example, there was a company who wanted to thank veterans with free haircuts .