Karnataka hijab line: ‘I simply need to remain by my privileges,’ says young lady from viral video


Muskaan Khan has coincidentally turned into the substance of opposition for youthful Indian Muslim ladies in the midst of a raising column over hijabs or headscarves.

In a video that has turned into a web sensation, the 19-year-old understudy should be visible entering her school as a horde of men approach her. Wearing saffron wraps – a shading related with Hinduism and Hindu patriot bunches they began yelling Jai Shri Ram or triumph to Lord Ram.

As they kept on annoying her, Ms Khan, who was wearing a hijab and a cover over a long dark outfit, held fast – she yelled Allahu Akbar (God is incredible) consequently. Before long, school specialists accompanied her inside.

All that I need is to remain by my privileges and schooling, she told the BBC at her home in Karnataka state’s Mandya city, where the video was shot.

I approve of what they wear, she said, adding individuals can wear saffron stoles or turbans to school, very much like she wore the hijab.

Ms Khan and a large number of Muslim ladies in India wear the hijab and the burka consistently – yet the decision has turned questionable as of late.

It began when understudies at a pre-college school, comparable to a secondary school, in Karnataka’s Udupi locale started fighting last month over a prohibition on headscarves – the school said understudies could wear the hijab nearby yet not in the study hall.

The issue has since gathered momentum as different schools started carrying out a comparative boycott – and has taken on collective hints with allies of Hindu patriot bunches sending off fights on the side of the boycott.

As fights turned savage in certain spots, the Karnataka government shut secondary schools and universities – and the matter has even arrived at the state’s high court. A five-judge established seat is set to hear the case on Thursday.

A video of Muskaan Khan yelling at a horde of youngsters has turned into a web sensation

In the mean time, grounds seem, by all accounts, to be energized with Hindu understudies turning up wearing saffron scarves.

Ms Khan asserts that for her situation, the circumstance was arranged for the most part by men who were pariahs and not understudies or schoolmates.