Lahore Zoo sold lions at auction

Lahore Zoo sold lions at auction

Lahore Zoo sold lions at auction

Pakistan’s high inflation rate and poor economic conditions are affecting not only the people but also the animals.

According to sources, Lahore Zoo has decided to auction many animals including lions and tigers to private companies.

The zoo authorities said that the idea is to save space and money.

Lahore Zoo has 29 lions and their age ranges from 2 to 5 years.

Lahore Zoo Deputy Director Tanveer Ahmed Janjua said 12 of them will be auctioned on August 11.

And in protest against this decision, the animal workers of Pakistan have moved against the auction.

They suggested either shifting the lions to other zoos or providing contraceptives to female lions.

Animal activist Uzma Khan said, “Once such auctions take place from zoos,

it will become a business that will adversely affect wildlife conservation

Lahore Zoo sold lions at auction

It is known that the auction will be open to all.

Interestingly, goat prices in India are higher than the minimum bid price set by Lahore Zoo officials for lions.

Muhammad Rizwan Khan, a veterinarian at Lahore Zoo, said,

“The number of lions in the safari park has increased due to breeding in the last few years.

So we had to take such a decision.”

Notably, Lahore Zoo Chief Veterinary Officer Mohammad Rizwan Khan said in a statement that authorities had tried to sell the lion last year as well,

but the process could not be completed due to lack of necessary documents.