Lebanese Hezbollah drone crashes on Israeli border

Lebanese Hezbollah drone crashes on Israeli border

Israel shot down three Lebanese Hezbollah drones in their territorial waters. Israel claims the drone was heading to a gas field on three coasts. News Al-Jazeera.

The Israeli military said in a statement on Saturday (July 2nd) that

three enemy drones approaching Israeli waters had shot down.

They added that the dronesĀ  not armed and did not pose any risk. A fighter downed by a drone. A warship shot down the other two.

Hezbollah said in a statement that “three drones of different sizes sent to

the disputed Karish gas field on Saturday (July 2nd).

The purpose was to monitor the situation there in order to recover the gas field.”

“The mission has successful and the message has delivered to Israel,” the statement added.

Lebanon has been claiming the Karish gas field for a long time.

They are constantly trying different ways to restore it. Israel, on the other hand, says Lebanon is illegally claiming it.

Prior to the release of Hezbollah’s statement, Israel claimed that its air defense system had shot down three enemy drones.

Tel Aviv has claimed that the dronesĀ  fired into the skies over Israel’s economic waters.

Lebanon and Israel discussed their waters in 2020. But the process stalled due to Beirut’s demands.

They claim that the map used by the UN needs to revised.