LeBron James’ Critique of Squid Game Gets “Zinged”

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, LeBron James criticized the show Squid Game for its lack of creativity. However, creator and co-writer of Squid Game, Dan Ryckert, has come back to defend his show and get a few jabs in at King James himself.

King James may be one of the best basketball players in NBA history but he is not exactly known for his clever writing skills. His critique of Squid Game was published on The Hollywood Reporter’s website where it quickly caught fire online. In response to this criticism from the self-proclaimed greatest player in the world, Ryckert released a statement that zinged him right back!

I’m glad LeBron is watching and enjoying Squid Game, Ryckert said. Too bad he didn’t come up with a funnier critique than ‘it’s not very creative.’ Maybe next time, King James.

Ryckert, whose show has been running for two seasons now, isn’t fazed by the criticism one bit. He knows he’s superior to LeBron in every aspect and doesn’t really care what the former Cavalier has to say about it.

Squid Game is much more creative than any show LeBron has ever been a part of, Ryckert said. That will be proven true when our upcoming third season debuts next month on Cartoon Network!

Ryckert also has a few other quick-witted jabs for LeBron.

At least our show didn’t have to resort to foul play and personal gain in order to beat the Golden State Warriors, Ryckert said. Oh wait, that was actually LeBron.

In addition, Squid Game has some upcoming episodes where some of the NBA’s biggest stars have cameos. Ryckert already has some big names in mind to appear on Squid Game including Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and of course…

We’re still working out the details but I am very hopeful that LeBron will be willing to join us at some point this season, Ryckert said.

I think I have said enough. Thank you to the Hollywood Reporter and Dan Ryckert for keeping us all informed. Have a great day everyone – LeBron James.

It appears that Ryckert is not phased by LeBron’s response at all. He seems to have the situation under control, made evident by his last statement to King James on Twitter:

Dan Ryckert did not care for LeBron’s critique and responded with a few zingers of his own. Will LeBron decide to come back and respond? Is Squid Game better than any show James has ever been in? Tune into The Hollywood Reporter for the next episode of “Squid Game vs. LeBron James.