‘Liger’ flops, will return Rs 7 crore to producers

‘Liger’ was released last month and generated a lot of discussion. The expectations of many people were high around this pan India film. Because, this film has a big star like Vijay Devarakonda. Victory fans are spread all over India, not just South India. Apart from Hindi, ‘Laiger’ was also released in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada. The additional attraction of ‘Liger’ was the world famous boxer Mike Tyson. But nothing could save the ‘Liger’ from sinking. The film was an ultimate failure at the box office. So it is heard that Vijay will return some part of his remuneration to the producers.

‘Liger’ was released in theaters on August 25. But within a few weeks, the film was almost sold out. The makers had assumed that the film would beat the box office. But the income of the film continued to fall. So box office trade experts declared ‘Liger’ a flop.

Producers and marketers are most at risk as the much-talked-about film flops. They have to face losses of crores of rupees. Seeing the plight of the builders, Vijay himself came forward. He is also disappointed to see the losses of the manufacturers.

Rumor has it, the pan-Indian star has decided to return over Rs 7 crore to the makers from his remuneration of Rs 6 crore in Bangladeshi taka. He is trying to reduce this amount of damage. However, neither Vijay nor the producer has officially spoken about this.

Vijay’s fans, however, started showering him on social media. Earlier it was reported that Vijay received a fee of Rs

Vijay’s heroine in the film is Ananya Pandey. Meanwhile, the duo of Puri Jagannath and Vijay did not end here. They are going to bring a new film ‘Jan Gana Man’. However, only time will tell how true the film’s cancellation rumors are.