Liverpool’s disappointment of losing points again

As a Merseyside derby should, the atmosphere of the match was as it should be. The Liverpool-Everton match has been exciting since the start. At the start of the first half, the players of the two teams had a few altercations. As there was excitement in the body language, there was also excitement in the field game. The match, full of attack-counter-attack, ended in a goalless draw.
This is Liverpool’s third draw in 6 matches, with one loss, 9 points. Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp definitely did not want such a start to the season.

Everton, however, can count themselves unlucky as a result. In the 70th minute, Connor Cody, who played in Everton on loan from Wolverhampton, sent the ball into Liverpool’s net this season. Immediately, the gallery at Goodison Park, Everton’s ground, burst into cheers.

But the Everton fans’ cheers stopped shortly after. The referee used VAR to check whether Cody was offside before sending the ball into the net. After two or three tests, VAR decided Cody was offside.

In the first 30 minutes of the match, the goalkeepers of both teams made some simple saves. After 30 minutes, however, both teams started to pick up the pace and rhythm. Everton had the first clear goal chance of the match.

In the 33rd minute, Liverpool defender Joe Gomez couldn’t clear the ball that flew in from the right wing. Tom Davies took that opportunity and took a good shot. But his effort bounced off the post.

Liverpool also hit the post, twice in the space of a few seconds. Darwin Nunez’s shot in the 44th minute hit the right post and went in and out of the net. The return ball landed at the feet of Luis Diaz. His shot also bounced off the post.

At the beginning of the second half, Nunez and Diaz had chances to score. But could not put the shot on target. In addition, Simikas hit the ball over the bar despite receiving the ball 6 yards away from the post. Nunez once again had an easy chance and fired the ball past Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford.

Then comes Cody’s goal disallowance moment. Liverpool survived once in the last 10 minutes thanks to two excellent saves by Alison Baker. Pickford saved Everton in the sixth minute of added time. Everton’s goalkeeper skillfully blocked a close shot by Mohamed Salah, who had been inactive for most of the match.