Man Dressed as Joker Probably Forgets Batman’s Rules

A man dressed as the Joker from the Batman movie jumped into a crowded train and began stabbing people. Police were called to Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, Japan on Monday night where they found 17 injured people with one of them being in critical condition. The suspect is still at large and authorities are currently searching for him.

This situation is not what many would expect when watching a Batman film or reading about the iconic comic book villain’s history, but this is exactly what happened on Monday night. A Japanese man was dressed up like The Joker from the recent hit The Dark Knight and he started attacking innocent bystanders on an otherwise peaceful commuter train ride home for most of these passengers. The incident happened Monday night in the Tokyo area of Japan, when a man dressed as The Joker from the Batman movie began stabbing people. Reports say 11 were stabbed and 4 others were injured in some other way during the ordeal.   Authorities have yet to detain anyone for this crime and are still searching for the perpetrator who apparently escaped through a bathroom after committing the attack. One other note about this situation is that no fatalities occurred during the incident which can be credited to quick thinking police officers who were called to the scene. Some reports say two policemen fired ten shots at the suspect, but he managed to escape through a bathroom inside of the train station before being apprehended by authorities.

One bystander who was at the train station during this incident gave a brief description of what happened. He says he saw a man dressed as The Joker attempting to flee from police and “blood everywhere. According to a different witness , a young man dressed as the famous villain from the Batman series was cutting people’s face with a knife. This passenger also said many passengers jumped on top of this man to try and subdue him.

At the time of writing this article, no fatalities were reported by authorities. The injuries on those who were stabbed range from moderate to serious, but none are expected to be fatal at this point. 17 injured people is nothing to laugh about though, I hope everyone recovers quickly and that the suspect ends up behind bars where he belongs. This is truly a sad situation for all those involved and hopefully this criminal gets punished accordingly.

Stay tuned here at  Amified  for further details as they become available to us.

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