Manchester City did not win even with Holland-De Bruyne chemistry

Manchester City won 6-0 against Nottingham in the previous match. They beat Crystal Palace 4-2 in their previous match. However, Pep Guardiwala’s team could not maintain the goal streak against Aston Villa. Scored only one goal, also lost points. Draw 1-1. City is second in the points table with 14 points from six matches. Arsenal are on top with 15 points after one game less.
City did not get off to a good start on the day. Villa could have gone ahead at the beginning of the match. Although they could not use that opportunity. CTO wasted the opportunity. In the 14th minute of the match, De Bruyne’s great cross was not used by Holland and Ilkay Gundwan.

City took four shots in the first half but not one hit the post. Although Manchester City was ahead in ball position. And in the first half, Arling Holland, who had a hat trick in the previous two matches, was completely ineffective.

However, this goal machine turned around in the second half. In the 50th minute of the match, Kevin De Bruiner scored from a pass. A scene that Manchester City fans might want to see again and again. The Norwegian striker touched the ball in the net after touching a great cross from De Bruyne. Aston Villa goalkeeper Martinez looked like a spectator. Although the biggest achievement of that goal is De Bruyne. That’s why Jamie Carragher was saying, ‘Holland in the title again, but full credit to De Bruyne for this goal.’

But it didn’t end here, the match got even more intense when Leon Bailey scored for Aston Villa in the 74th minute. After the 1-1 draw, Pep Guardiola became more desperate to score. However, Steven Gerrard’s tactics were not enough today. In the rest of the match, the attack continued but no goal came. That’s why Guardiwala may have to be satisfied with Holland’s personal record rather than team success. Holland has now scored 10 goals in six matches in the league. This is the joint record for the least 10 goals scored in the league. Mick Quinn first did it in December 1992.

10 goals in 6 matches – what did anyone think! Before the end of the first month of the league, Holland has given football analysts a lot to think about.