Many Scots properties reserved for Afghan evacuees lying vacant


Many Scottish ­properties reserved for Afghan evacuees are lying void due to the UK Government ‘s turbulent departure plot.

Many frantic Afghan families have gone through months in squeezed lodgings in light of a Home Office inability to coordinate them with assigned lodging.

It punctures claims by Home Secretary Priti Patel that Scottish ­councils are not making the slightest effort to help ­refugees, including the individuals who escaped Afghanistan following the takeover by the Taliban.

Every one of the 32 of Scotland’s committees offered homes to a portion of the 16,500 Afghans carried from Kabul in August.

A source said: Councils have put forth an enormous attempt to have properties arranged but since of the incoherent methodology by the UK ­Government, Afghans have been left moping in inns since the pre-winter.

The association of this plan has been turbulent.

The UK Government’s resettlement plot has a four-year time period for settling up to 20,000 exiles, most of whom are as yet living in danger in Afghanistan.

Be that as it may, Mohammad Asif, overseer of Afghan Human Rights Foundation, said the UK Government was bombing the evacuees currently here.

He said he had met families stuck in lodgings who can’t get to benefits, register with GPs or settle their kids into schools.

He added: These individuals have experienced hellfire. For there to be homes sitting void due to Home Office inadequacy is an embarrassment.