Massive black money recovered from Arpita's flat

Massive black money recovered from Arpita's flat

Massive black money recovered from Arpita’s flat

So far it has been possible to count Rs 20 crore in the flat of Arpita Mukherjee, the girlfriend of Industries Minister Partha Chatterjee,

in Rathtala, Belgharia, West Bengal, India.

A lot of gold bars and silver coins were recovered. Four note counters are used to count rupees.

Anandabazar Online reported the information with reference to the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Wednesday.

According to ED sources, it has been possible to calculate Rs 15 crore after the first round of counting.

A lot of gold bars have been found, which is initially believed to have a market value of several crores of rupees.

Silver coins were also recovered. Several documents were also found. The night can pass counting Rs.

It was learned in the evening that more money was found in the 9th floor flat of Parth’s close friend Arpita Mukherjee.

Staff from State Bank of India came to count that money. The money counting machines brought in are state-of-the-art.

With this machine it is possible to count 100 notes every five seconds. Such instruments are used to count large sums of money.

From this, it is believed that ED is going to recover a huge amount of money from Arpita’s flat in Belgharia after Talliganj.

On Wednesday, around 12 noon, the ED officials reached in front of the 9th floor flat of Club Town Residence in Belgharia

Massive black money recovered from Arpita's flat

But the flat was locked. A locksmith was called after finding the key. But even after trying for an hour, he could not break the lock.

Then, the investigators broke the lock of the flat. After that, he directly entered Arpita’s closed flat.

Another ED team reached there within moments. They entered the flat with a printer and searched. By afternoon, it was reported that cash was found in that flat.

A group of bank employees reached the spot with a note counting machine.

Incidentally, the ED recovered Rs 21 crore cash and jewelery and foreign currency from Arpita’s flat in an elite residence in Talliganj on Friday.

After that, it is known that Perth-Ghanishtha also has a flat in Belgharia. ED raided there on Wednesday morning.