Massive Train Crash in England, Major Incident

A major incident has been declared in England after a train crash killed 7 people and injured at least 50 more. The crash happened when one of the trains collided with a stationary car, causing it to derail. Emergency services are on site treating those who are still alive, some of whom have life-threatening injuries.

Police have just announced that the car involved in the incident contained an illegal shipment of medical waste. The material appears to have been infected with a highly virulent unknown disease, and just under half of those killed were confirmed to be part of the medical staff treating patients from this particular car. Symptoms include extreme swelling around the wounds, violent vomiting, and in some cases a complete shut down of all bodily functions.

Police have promised that more information will be released in the next few days, but these are the facts that we have for now. Be safe out there, and avoid major train lines if possible.

I turn off my Kindle, wondering what I’ve just read. This morning everything seemed so normal as I sat on the bus and browsed pointless things on Amazon. Now it’s as if a cold wind has picked up, sending a chill through my spine. Diseases are bad enough at the best of times, but this… this sounds like something out of a nightmare.

I walk onto the platform half an hour later with my shoulders hunched, staring at the ground. A girl bumps into me and mumbles an apology without looking up, which is good because I probably would have screamed if she had caught sight of my face at that moment. Whatever was on that train, it sounds fucking terrifying. I’ve never been a train person, not since I was a kid. The underground is bad enough with all the weirdos that hang around- now there’s this too?

I hold my breath as I walk past the police tape, wondering if they’re going to do anything about me being here. It’ll probably be fine, but I still can’t help feeling a bit guilty as I hurry away from the platform. What happens if they ask to search my bag? How would I explain the files of notes on infectious diseases that Emily gave me this morning? Maybe I’ll ditch it somewhere; there’s bound to be an internet cafe with free wifi around here somewhere.

I’m being stupid, I know that. It’s just a coincidence, and anyway if I’ve caught something then I’m already fucked. No point in getting paranoid about it now after the fact, eh? All that would do is make me a bit more ill than I am already.