Messi owes a return to Barca

Messi owes a return to Barca

Messi owes a return to Barca

The return of Lionel Messi to Barcelona has been discussed for the past week. Club president Juan Laporta has repeatedly expressed his desire to bring Messi back to the media.

Rumors were heard that the current coach and Messi’s friend-teammate Xavi Hernandez also wants the Argentine star to return to the Nou Camp.

This time, Xavi openly said that he is interested in bringing back Messi. He said, Messi owes a ‘second chapter’ to Barca.

Barcelona will face New York Red Bull tomorrow morning. Before that, Xavi faced the media today. He said this there.

The current Barca coach did not like the way Messi and Barca broke up last year. He said, “I never wanted Barca’s relationship with Messi to end.”

After that, he said, Messi owes the return to Barca. “I think he deserves a second chance,” he said.

Messi did not win for Barcelona? From La Liga to Champions League, Club World Cup… He has won all the individual awards too, more than anyone else.

How could the Barca coach not want someone who has filled the club with two hands? He said, “If the question is, do I want Messi back in Barcelona or not?” So my answer is yes.’

At the end of the press conference, Xavi was again asked about Messi. The question is, does Barca want Messi back this season? In response,

Xavi said, ‘It is for the future of the club. But not for this season.

Messi left Barcelona and joined PSG last year. His contract with the club is for two years. Messi spent his first year.

There were already signs that Barca would like to bring him back when his contract expires next season. That also became clear after Xavi’s words.🔱