Missing Person Cases: The Case of a Missing Woman

On Wednesday, January 2nd, 2017, police pulled over a couple after they were seen fighting on the side of an interstate in Tennessee. The woman was later reported missing by her family and friends. Police say that there is no evidence to suggest foul play at this time; however, she has not been seen since the incident. This case highlights why it is important for detectives to investigate all cases thoroughly before reaching any conclusions or judgments about what happened.

Police were dispatched to an interstate in Tennessee after motorists reported seeing a man and woman fighting on the side of the road. The couple was later identified as 29-year-old Nikki Karelina Lyons and 30-year-old Jeremy Phillips, both from Florida.

Investigators found that just before stopping Phillips and Lyons, police officers had received three calls from drivers who reported seeing a woman, believed to be Lyons, banging on windows and screaming while trying to get into the passenger side of the truck.

After pulling them over and questioning both Phillips and Lyons about their argument, police determined that no crime had been committed; however, they did make note of the fact that there was damage to the passenger side of the truck that Lyons had been trying to get into.

Two days later, Lyons’ family reported her missing; they say it is uncharacteristic for her not to keep in touch with them and she has never gone this long without contacting anyone. There was no sign of Lyons at the scene where police pulled over Phillips and she has neither been seen nor heard from since the incident occurred.


The sheriff’s department in Rutherford County, Tennessee told reporters that there is no evidence to suggest foul play at this time, however they have yet to locate Lyons, who has not been seen or heard from since the incident occurred on January 2nd. Police also noted that they believe they have identified the spot where officers pulled over Phillips and Lyons, but due to it being on an interstate and someone having come along and started to build a guard rail, there was not much left of the scene.

Authorities initially believed that they had recovered evidence from the site of the incident; however, upon further inspection they discovered that it was not possible to tell if this evidence had anything at all to do with the case.

The family and friends of Lyons have been vocal about their displeasure with how police conducted themselves during their initial investigation, saying that they should have taken a closer look at Phillips, who they say has a violent history and known drug addiction. It is still unclear as to the reason as to why Lyons’ family and friends had this information on Phillips, nor is it clear what evidence they have that suggests their belief that Lyons was killed by someone other than Phillips.

It is still too early in the investigation to draw any definitive conclusions about what happened, but police maintain their first theory of a random assault, saying that they have found no evidence to suggest there was anything romantic between Phillips and Lyons, nor is there any known connection between the two.

Phillips has since been arrested on assault charges in Florida; however, according to police, this has nothing to do with the case of Lyons. Police are asking anyone with information about what happened after officers pulled over Phillips and Lyons, to please call 615 898-7770.

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