Morata-Griezman's goal gave Atletico Madrid a big win

Morata-Griezman's goal gave Atletico Madrid a big win

Morata-Griezman’s goal gave Atletico Madrid a big win

Atletico Madrid started the new La Liga season with a win, as did city rivals Real Madrid. Diego Simeone’s side got a big win against Getafe in the first match of the season.

A brace from Alvaro Morata and a goal from Antonio Griezmann gave Atletico Madrid a 3-0 win at Getafe on Monday (August 15). As easy as the margin of victory looks, the visiting team did not win the match as easily. Even though they could not score, they were tested by the host Getafe.

Getafe took 10 shots against the Madrid team’s 12 shots. However, despite Simeone’s team having 5 shots on target, the hosts could not put a single shot on target.

At the 15th minute of the match, Alvaro Morata led Atletico Madrid. He scored the goal with a great placing shot after receiving a pass from Joao Felix at the head of the D box. The home team could have scored in the 40th minute. Shots taken from inside the D box narrowly missed the target.

Madrid went into the break with a 1-0 lead in the first half. Morata-Felix duo again in the second half. A defender of Getafe made a wrong pass,

disorientated by Atl├ętico’s pressure in their own area.

Morata-Griezman's goal gave Atletico Madrid a big win

The Portuguese star Felix got the ball. Morata scored his team’s and his own second goal with a powerful shot from the left corner of the D box after catching his pass.

Simeone’s team scored again in the 74th minute. This time they also got the goal from outside the D-box. French star Antonio Griezmann beat Getafe goalkeeper David Soria with a great placing shot from his left.

The Madrid team got another chance in the 77th minute. Felix’s shot from Griezmann’s pass was blocked by the goalkeeper. If there were no more goals after that, the team, who finished third in the league last time, took the first win of the season by holding on to a 3-0 goal lead.