Nathan Chen Is Winning by Not Trying So Hard to Win

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Nathan Chen, the top choice once more to win the Olympic gold decoration in men’s figure skating, is gotten between needing to fail to remember the 2018 Games and expecting to recall them.

Before the figure skating contest began at the Beijing Games, he remained before correspondents and was inquired as to whether he had laments from his Olympic presentation, when he strangely floundered in the short program and destroyed his possibility winning an award.

I have a really awful memory, he said, clarifying that he would have rather not talk about it with his second Olympics only days away.

Chen, 22, was more ready to be reflective with regards to seven days before he left for the Games. In an hourlong video interview, he portrayed how completing seventeenth in the short program in Pyeongchang, South Korea, was the most terrible second in his young life. Yet in addition, in numerous ways, it was awesome.

It’s almost difficult to go to the Olympics as a gold award top pick without allowing that gold decoration to turn out to be all-consuming, and Chen observed that out the most difficult way possible, when his fixation on winning became what he called his end.

However, subsequent to going into Pyeongchang feeling edgy all the time with a feeling of fear that he wouldn’t satisfy hopes, this time he is attempting to see the value in the experience – win or lose.

Evan Lysacek, the 2010 Olympic hero who some of the time skates where Chen trains close to Los Angeles, assisted him with observing another methodology, he said.

Chen liked that exhortation since he realized Lysacek could relate to him: he completed fourth at the 2006 Olympics prior to winning the gold decoration four years after the fact.

He said, win or lose, you will return home and you will proceed with the existence that you had, Chen said.

Also that is really extremely consoling on the grounds that I feel that intermittently you sort of perform things and are like, ‘Goodness, man, it’s the apocalypse in the event that things go poorly,’ however, no, the world proceeds to turn and things will return to ordinary.

Acquiring that viewpoint, Chen said, helped make him who he is today – and for the beyond three years he has been the world’s most predominant skater, remembering for the short program on Tuesday when he handled a progression of rocket-sent off hops and won with a world record 113.97 focuses.

Chen is on the cusp of turning into an Olympic hero. The free skate is on Thursday (Wednesday night in the United States).