New England Braces for a Severe Bomb Cyclone

Bomb Cyclone and Nor’easter Alerts Cause Millions of New Englanders to Brace for Severe Storms. Millions of people from Pennsylvania to Maine are bracing for severe storms as the result of what is being called a “bomb cyclone”, which is expected to hit that area on Wednesday and Thursday. Meteorologists say it will be an arctic cold front that generates winds up to 80 MPH with considerable snowfall throughout the East Coast.

For months, scientists have warned about the consequences of climate change in America in 2017 in publications such as National Geographic , The New York Times , and Politico . However, US President Donald Trump has maintained his skepticism considering the subject “a hoax”. During his election campaign, Trump threatened to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, a deal signed by close to 200 countries in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow global warming.

“There is growing evidence that the weather changes that are occurring are making it more difficult for farmers to grow corn, soybeans, wheat or other staple crops of ours”, President Donald Trump began his policy announcement on January 11th, 2018 during which he announced US withdrawal from the Paris climate pact. “The weather has been very volatile over the past number of years.”

The president’s remarks seem especially ironic given how eager he was earlier this year to take credit for the lack of hurricanes making landfall in 2017. Storms have actually affected over 1 million Americans since Harvey hit Texas in late August.

More recently, on January 4th, some of the states that are expected to be impacted by this week’s storm experienced some of their worst flooding in decades. A number of dams simply couldn’t hold back the water and some residents weren’t given ample warning . There were also dozens of reported tornado sightings from Arkansas to New York State. One such twister was caught on camera in Chesterfield, Massachusetts near Boston where it caused extensive damage and power outages without any injuries or casualties.

While its effects will take days before residents can fully understand them, climate change seems to have finally made landfall in America and people aren’t happy about it. One only has to look at social media for proof: #bombcyclone #bombcycloneisreal #climatechange.

Experts believe that if the US doesn’t take action now, these violent storms could become more common in the following years. With less than six months to go before his term ends, Trump will not be able to see these effects himself but American farmers may experience them first-hand.