New Kid-Sized COVID Vaccines, Democrats Tax Plan Advances

In a vote that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago, the Senate Finance Committee has advanced legislation to provide COVID vaccines for children. The bill is sponsored by Senator Bernie Sanders and has drawn criticism from both sides of the aisle. Republicans are concerned about the cost to taxpayers while Democrats worry about what will happen if their opponents were able to repeal it in 2020.

The measure would provide the vaccines for free to children in low-income homes with a voucher system implemented in middle and high schools. The bill is expected to pass in the full Senate, but it’s unclear what path it will take in the House or if President Trump will sign it into law.

Senator said that the bill would “bankrupt the nation” and called it a redistribution of wealth.

When President Obama tried to pass a similar measure through Congress, Republicans refused to even hold a vote, claiming the new spending would bankrupt the nation.

With Republicans currently in control of both chambers of Congress, they are also opposed to this measure. They don’t see it getting past President Trump’s desk either considering his push for tax reform and health care reform. With that said, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to criticize Sanders for not pushing the measure through during her campaign for President.

Governor Chris Christie said that this is proof that socialism does not work. He has vowed to ignore all federal laws and regulations if they are passed, including this bill.

Sanders worked tirelessly to try and convince Congress last year, but he couldn’t get enough votes. It appears that he has also been successful in securing two key Republicans to support the bill: Senators .

Senator said that he could only support the measure if it were passed in a separate bill. He said that the problem with the way Sanders is trying to do this is that it could lead to future legislation such as Medicare for All.

While Sanders’ plan would provide free COVID shots for children, it would also do the same for adults. This is causing concern among Republicans who are worried about the impact on their campaigns in 2020.

Americans remain divided over this bill with many saying that they don’t want their tax dollars going to other people’s children who may not be as “needy” or deserving as they are. Others argue that this is a step towards universal health care and say that it should be supported by anyone who wants to ensure that everyone has access.

President Obama’s own HHS Secretary, Sylvia Burwell, criticized Sanders for not working with his colleagues in Congress to push the measure through last year. She also took a shot at Republicans claiming that they are opposed to the measure because it would help minorities.

Burwell stated, The Republican Party has tended to be more negative about these programs than the Democrats have. She added that this shouldn’t be a partisan issue and went on to say, It’s not only the right thing to do for families and children in the United States, but it’s the right thing to do for our country.

This is especially true for children. His plan has over a dozen co-sponsors, but many say that they will not re-introduce it unless they have more support from the Democratic Party.

When interviewed by Fox & Friends this morning, Sanders insisted that his plan could work, but he said that it would take a political revolution to push it through. He also stated that the measure would be funded through additional taxes on the wealthy.