Nine out of Ten People have a Toe Infection

“Immunologists say that the complex behavior of white blood cells has always been a mystery, and even though they’ve labeled the dozens of cell populations with terms such as “killer,” “helper,” and so on, no one really knows what triggers specific cells to act. The prevailing theory is that certain chemical signals called cytokines play a major role in triggering immune responses. These cytokines can trigger several different types of immune system activity: B-cells make antibodies; T-cells kill infected or cancerous cells; and other cells release proteins which attract more T-cells and attack the invader.”

Side Effect of Immune Response" May Be "Covid Toe," Says Study

Larry: I AM Larry Gartman MY wife says I should not be allowed near company computers. She says I will lose data. It is not that I do it intentionally, but turns out that way anyhow.

Remember when I was just the cook? I don’t think so! Wikipedia – Larry Gartman “Biologist Ralph Steinman discovered a new population of white blood cells called dendritic cells in 1973, and since these are responsible for triggering an immune response against infectious agents or cancerous cells by presenting them to other immune system cells, he received the Nobel Prize this week for… Read More” My wife says you should read this stuff. Charlie said so… Details here: Secrecy News Bite-Sized Doses of Current Events The secret world of intelligence — past, present and future . What’s the point? I am not sure. But do it anyway… Details here: Secrecy News Bite-Sized Doses of Current Events The secret world of intelligence — past, present and future .

Larry: What’s up? Charlie said to write this down. He is the boss! So you know what day it is? It might be “Day One.”

Charlie said that any meeting with him on the same day as a new moon is “Day One” because then he can see your face clearly. That works for me! No worries if I cannot remember what day I met Charlie because my wife Karen will remind me. She knows stuff like that. Hey, maybe my memory problems are getting better now that my doctors have me on this new meds? Hey, Larry, whaddaya think about that theory of yours Karen and Charlie – do you think it is working?

I am not sure why my wife is laughing so much. Ouch!

Hey, maybe I will ask the doctors when I go for my check up in a few days. Charlie said to write down what happened today too.

Larry: So here goes… Today was great fun at work! We were busy today but not too busy. Things are pretty relaxed right now. My wife says it slows down after the first of the year every year because people get sick or tired or lazy or something like that – she doesn’t know exactly but says it happens every year around this time. I will have to ask Charlie about that later. He has a better memory than me anyway so he will probably remember… Hey, maybe he can tell me what day it is!

Charlie said not to worry because today was the last full moon of December so tomorrow starts “Day One” too. That works for me!

I am not sure why my wife is laughing now or what she means by her face starting to look like my old dog Fester but whatever.

Charlie says I should write down what happened at work today – so here it goes…

Larry: It was a great day. We had a bunch of tourists from that alien planet visit us to check out their new investment in the park. Charlie said they did not come to work today but came for a surprise inspection. I think they knew we would be busy today and wanted to catch us off guard – but we were not!

Charlie said we all did a great job. I think he was surprised as well as pleased as he does not say very much about anything.

I am still trying to figure out why Charlie laughed when my wife Karen went on her break at the same time as me so she could also take a picture of those people from the alien planet… We know them now as friends who come here every year to visit Earth and check on their investment in the park. They do not understand our language fully but our bosses figured out a way for them to work with us without having to learn English or whatever that is called.

Larry: It is too bad they are not around when I have to do my weekly report.

Larry: Charlie said you would need this for your article so here it is… An image of one of the tourists from the alien planet with his translator implant turned off…

Translation of image provided by Larry Gartman… While most Earthlings might consider this an “unfriendly” gesture, it is in fact a sign that the person knows the language being spoken and does not wish to be distracted. The implants are programmed to keep silent until there is something important enough to say, such as news of a pending attack, for example. Even then however, those who can read lips would be able to catch on.