North Korea Condemns New Security Pact, Threatens Nuclear Arms Race


The statement said that North Korea was “ready to react with full force” to defend its sovereignty if necessary. It also denounced the allies for their actions in Syria and Afghanistan. The US, Australia and the UK recently said they would carry out a joint missile defence test later this year.

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said the landmark security agreement between the countries would threaten peace in north-east Asia. The statement also accused Washington of “running amok” to start wars with Afghanistan and Syria.

The three allies agreed to carry out a joint ballistic missile defence test by the end of this year. The move is part-inspired by North Korea’s growing military strength and it expansionist claims in recent years.

The latest statement from Pyongyang came days after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd and British Foreign Secretary William Hague met in Hawaii to discuss a range of security issues.

The statement from Pyongyang said the meeting was “a hotbed of war fever” and threatened all-out action if Washington, Canberra and London intervened in North Korea’s disputes with South Korea and Japan.

“If they attempt to provoke us even a bit, we will not miss the opportunity but meet them with the DPRK’s (North Korea) pre-emptive strike and reduce them to a sea in flames,” the statement said.

“The major powers had better mind their own businesses instead of interfering in other countries’ internal affairs and act with discretion if they want to avoid seas of fire on this land.”

The US, Australia and the UK refused to comment on the statement.

North Korea has often condemned US and South Korean military exercises in the region. Earlier this year, Pyongyang also denounced a nuclear test by its long-time rival South Korea, calling it “unpardonable”. and see where

Not surprising. Even though, they do make it sound more dramatic than before. I wonder what kind of missile test we’ll be doing? Oh well, that’s not my concern. At least we’re working together with the UK and Australia on this one. We should just focus on getting through another year.

I hope this is some sort of breakthrough. A year ago, nobody wanted to touch North Korea’s problems with a twenty-foot pole. Now, everybody seems to be on the same page. I know it won’t be easy, but at least there is some hope for peace now.

Interesting news coming in from my Afrin page. Their army just declared an Anti-ISIS coalition today, along with most of the FSA groups in Afrin Canton. The armies are now joining together with the YPG to fight against the barbaric ISIS forces. Many FSA members are leaving their posts across Syria to join up with this alliance. All our soldiers are heading towards Afrin to bolster up the fight against the terrorists. It seems like we might finally have a chance to crush them and push them back, so we can go back to rebuilding our country and focus on our people’s needs. This is great news for us. We can finally take a break from this war.

I know, right? I was sure we’d all be fighting ISIS for another five years before anything like this happened. Maybe we’re turning the tide after all! Time to celebrate and get back to work!

We’ve been doing our best to help these people since we got here, but for a long time, I thought we were going to fail. It’s good to finally see that our efforts are paying off.

Kurdish forces have been making significant gains against the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) in northwestern Syria as they expand their territory along the Turkish border, The Washington Post reports .