Police Arrest a Suspected Kidnapper from Cleo Smith’s House

Last night at around 9pm, the police came to arrest a suspected kidnapper from Cleo Smith’s house. The suspect was found in her basement with self-inflicted wounds to his wrists. He was taken away by ambulance and is now under guard at the hospital.

A little after 1:00 pm today, Cleo Smith was found dead in her apartment. She had died several hours earlier. Although the cause of death has not yet been determined, police are currently considering both shootings to be homicides.

Police have confirmed that there is no indication of forced entry into either home and have ruled out robbery as a motive. They are also currently looking into whether the two incidents may be linked in any way.

At this time, police have known suspect is a white male, approximately 6’1” tall with dark hair and blue eyes. Anyone who sees the suspect should not attempt to apprehend him on their own, but should immediately contact local authorities or dial 911.

The police are working around the clock to find this man and bring him to justice. He is a suspect in two homicides, he may be armed and dangerous, and we caution anyone who sees him to avoid contact with him if at all possible. We repeat: If you see him, do not attempt to apprehend him yourself. Immediately contact local authorities or dial 911.

A few moments ago, we received a report that the suspect has been found and is now in custody.

I was woken by screaming—sirens, I realized later; at the time, it just sounded like screaming.

I opened the door to my apartment and looked into the hall, but there was nothing to see. I was about to close the door again when a neighbor from across the hall ran out of her apartment toward me. She tried to say something, but she was crying too hard for me to understand her—she just grabbed onto me and clung to me, sobbing.

I held her until she calmed down enough for me to get out of her that the police had taken her downstairs to question her about something . I asked what it was all about, but she just shook her head and ran back into her apartment, locking the door behind her.

I started walking toward the stairs when another neighbor, a woman I didn’t know very well but had seen in the building a few times before, came out of her apartment and asked me what was going on. I told her about my neighbor, and she said that wasn’t what the police were here for—they were looking for someone.

That was all she said before heading down the stairs herself. I watched her go, then turned toward my apartment again, intending to go back in and lock my door, but when I tried it wouldn’t open. Someone had jammed something under the handle on the other side.

I pushed against it for a moment without effect, then tried shoving with my shoulder, but it wouldn’t give. I was considering trying to kick the door in when another neighbor came out of his apartment and asked if he could help me.