Real’s victory was scored by two Brazilians

Real Betis went to play against Real Madrid today after being undefeated in the last 6 matches in La Liga. They have won the first three matches of the new season. After the 2011-12 season, Betis went to Real’s Santiago Bernabeu with the dream of winning the first four matches of the league. But their dream was not fulfilled. Real Madrid won 2-1 with goals from two Brazilians, Vinicius Junior and Rodrigo. Carlo Ancelotti’s team won four matches in a row.
Vinicius didn’t take long to put Real ahead. Alaba came up with the ball from the defense and gave a long pass to Vinicius. Vinicius quickly entered the box after taking control of the ball, avoiding the offside trap of Betis’ defense. Then he coolly sent the ball over the head of Betis goalkeeper Silva and into the net. The age of the match was 9 minutes.

Betis, however, quickly equalized. Thibaut Courtois, who performed brilliantly under the goal post to help Real win the Champions League last season, conceded the goal due to a mistake. Real’s former playmaker Canales got the ball from Iglesias’ flick in the 17th minute. His low shot evaded Courtois and into the net.

After 2 minutes, Vinicius got a great chance to put Real ahead. But he could not use the opportunity. Vinny gets the ball into the box from Rodrigo’s pass. But his shot went over the bar. In 21 minutes, Aurelia Chuameni’s head was saved by Silva with great skill.

Real or Betis couldn’t create any more scoring opportunities in the first half. Canales-Morenora put Real under pressure in the first 5 minutes of the second half. But then Real took full control of the match. Vinicius, Rodrigo, Madrich kept the Betis defense busy with one attack after another. As a result, Rodrigo got a goal in the 65th minute.

Fede Valverde took control of Dani Carvajal’s pass to Rodrigo midway through. At the first touch, he gave the ball to Rodrigo who went further. He easily dodged Silva and put Real ahead. Rodrigo could have scored his second goal in the 79th minute. Modric’s floated pass was found by Rodrigo at the second post. From there, his volley went over Silva’s head but came back to hit the post.

Vinicius got a chance to score in the 88th minute from Karim Benzema’s pass, which was faded for most of the match. But the shot he took hit a Betis defender and went out of the field. After that, Real could not create any more scoring opportunities.

Real is playing at home for the first time in this season’s La Liga. The team of Santiago Bernabeu got a total of 12 points from the first four matches of the league with the fans enjoying the victory.