Ritika Singh was thrown from the fifth floor.

Ritika Singh was thrown from the fifth floor.

Ritika Singh was killed after being thrown from the fifth floor

A woman blogger named Ritika Singh has accused of killing her hand and foot from the fifth floor. Police have arrested three people, including Akash Gautam, the ex-husband of the 30-year-old woman.

The incident took place on Friday (June 24) in Uttar Pradesh, India. Indian media Anandabazar has given this news quoting the state police.

It report  that Ritika, a resident of Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh, get marri  to Akash Gautam of Firozabad in 2014.

  • Three years later, he had a conversation on Facebook with a young man from Firozabad named Bipul.
  • After divorcing her husband Akash in 2016, Ritika was living with Bipul.
  • Two and a half months ago, Ritika and Bipul rented a flat in Tajganj for Tk 13,000.
  • Ritika was an influencer. He has 44,000 followers on Instagram.
  • Ritika used to write on the net mainly about fashion, food and travel.

Police said Akash Gautam came to Ritika’s flat in Tajganj with two women on Friday.

At first he asked the two women to enter the apartment.

When the security guard stopped him, Akash came and arranged for the two women to enter.

The two women wrote the wrong name in the name list of the apartment.

Ritika’s flat number is 404. But those two women wrote that they will go to flat number 601.

The flat was huge at that time. He complained that Akash and the two women entered the house and started beating the two of them.

The accused then tied his hands and stuck him in the bathroom.

Bipul claims that he broke the bathroom window and started shouting at the neighbors.

Hearing that sound, the people of the next flat came running.

Witnesses said that heavy reading could  heard from above. With that the screams can heard.

As soon as the security guard heard the noise and went to the back of the apartment,

he saw Ritika lying face down.

All around is floating in blood. His hands and feet tied.

Agra SSP Sudhir Kumar Singh said,

“I received news of a woman falling from the fifth floor in Nagla Mewati area.

Investigation revealed that he lived in the flat with one person. The woman’s ex-husband brought family members. There is trouble between them.

It  alleged that the woman  handcuffed and thrown from the balcony. He suffered serious head injuries.

When he  taken to the hospital, the doctors declared him dead.🔱