Ruler Andrew documents legitimate papers DENYING all of Virginia Roberts’ sex misuse claims


Ruler Andrew the previous evening requested a preliminary by jury as he hit back at allegations of assault and rape made by a Jeffrey Epstein sex slave.

In his authority reaction to claims made against him by Virginia Roberts five months prior, the Queen’s child gave 41 disavowals, dismissing all charges of bad behavior – yet said a further multiple times that he needs adequate data to concede or deny different cases.

He additionally submitted 11 guards requiring the case to be excused, including that Miss Roberts cases ought to be banned by her own unfair direct and messy hands. His choice to proceed with the case places him in negation with the Royal Family who, sources say, are frantic for him to settle and keep away from the exhibition of a preliminary in New York in the not so distant future during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee festivities.

  • A source said: Andrew is on crash course with the Palace over this. Recently the Queen quickly and mercilessly constrained Andrew to venture down from his excess imperial supports and requested he battle the case as a private resident.
  • Andrew had not formally reacted to the 73-point common case as his attorneys very quickly applied to a New York judge for it to be tossed out.
  • That was excused recently, meaning he currently needs to officially answer the allegations against him, including claims that Miss Roberts, suing under her wedded made of Giuffre, was dealt to him by his companion, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and compelled to have intercourse with the duke on three events when she was 17.

She says this adds up to assault, rape and battery as she looks for unknown harms, remembered to be in the large numbers of pounds. Andrew’s eight confirmations were restricted to data currently open, for example, that he is a UK resident and dwells at Royal Lodge on the Windsor Estate.

He concedes his stroll with Epstein in Central Park in 2010 and remaining at the pedophile’s Manhattan house on a similar outing, both got on camera. Yet, in his rejoinder of Miss Roberts’ grievance, Andrew denies he at any point physically manhandled her and will not concede or deny her declarations that she was a casualty of Epstein.

He even – strikingly given visual proof of their relationship throughout the long term – denies being a dear companion’ of Epstein’s better half and presently indicted sex dealer, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Andrew’s legitimate group likewise reject Miss Roberts’ allegation that he has declined to co-work with US experts in their examination of Epstein and his co-plotters, regardless of authorities guaranteeing he has done precisely that. Andrew clarifies he keeps on questioning Miss Roberts is occupant in the province of Colorado, which permits her to acquire the case the US. Presently a 38-year-old mother-of-three, she lives in Perth, Australia, and it is perceived Andrew’s lawful group actually plan to seek after this in a bid to get the case tossed out.

What are the cases being brought against Prince Andrew and what is his reaction?

In August 2021, Virginia Roberts – alluded to on the off chance that archives by her wedded name Virginia Giuffre – documented 15 pages of court papers in which she officially blamed Prince Andrew for sexual maltreatment.