Schiff saysJan. 6 commission preparing to relate Meadows for felonious disdain

This week, the former Trump White House chief of staff came the rearmost functionary to rebuff the commission and its inquiry into the events leading up to revolution.
The House Select Committee probing the January 6 revolution at theU.S. Capitol will” move snappily“to relate Mark Meadows, Trump’s former White House chief of staff, for felonious disdain for not cooperating with its disquisition,Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., said on Sunday.

“ I am confident we’ll move veritably snappily with respect toMr. Meadows also, but we want to make sure that we’ve the strongest possible case to present to the Justice Department and for the Justice Department to present to a grand jury,” Schiff, who’s president of the House Intelligence Committee and a member of theJan. 6 commissionsaid on Meet the Press.
Meadows refused to meet congressional investigators on Friday. About 10 twinkles after the 10a.m. session had been listed to begin, around a dozen commission staff and investigators walked out of the room along with the stenographer.


“But when eventually substantiations decide, as Meadows has, that they are not indeed going to bother showing up, that they’ve that important disdain for the lawalso it enough important forces our hand and we’ll move snappily,” said Schiff, who added that the commission may also recommend the DOJ train felonious charges against other substantiations who refuse to cooperate, but said the commission will only pursue that option as a last resort.
Schiff also said the two new complaints against longtime Trump counsel and supporter Steve Bannon for disdain of Congress could serve as a warning for other substantiations in the disquisition who have declined to talk with the commission.

“ I view this as an early test of whether our republic wasrecovering.However, it has to be applied inversely,” said Schiff, If our law is to mean anything.”And so I am veritably glad the Justice Department has moved forward in this fashion.”